The Latest Debates: Exclusive

After the show, Dr. Phil talks with the audience. A woman points out that sex education programs need to be comprehensive.

Dr. Phil agrees, saying, "I believe in doing what I call psychodramas. I think it's very important to take these kids and put them into a scenario where they have to role-play finding out they're pregnant.

Where they have to role-play telling their parents, ‘I'm pregnant.' Where they have to role-play talking to a doctor and finding out that you have AIDS or you have this or you have that. Because when you're in that scenario " and people can really get into the role " they put themselves in the position and it wakes people up a lot."


He adds, "In my experience of being in the field of psychology and human functioning for 30 years now, I have found that knowledge is power, responsible communication is power, and making children own and knowingly make decisions and choices is a good route to take. I think that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is asking children to deal with adult issues, but I think a mistake we make not far behind is underestimating their ability to comprehend and make responsible choices when they have the right information. I think that there's some combination in there that you have to try to hit the right note."