Asking Tough Questions

"I'm very glad Jeremy decided to take a lie detector test," says Krista. She is convinced that the father of her 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee, has been molesting her. Kaylee has said that Jeremy touched her inappropriately.

Krista adds, "I don't think Jeremy is going to pass the lie detector test, because I think he's lying."


"I think that he is going to find a way out of it," says Bonii, Krista's mother.


Jeremy says, "When the truth comes out, I am going to walk up to Bonii and I am going to say, ‘You lying sack of crap.' I know that day will come " when I'm going to look at her and tell her she messed up."


Dr. Phil sits down with Krista, Bonii, Jeremy and Jeremy's wife, Danielle. He says, "I'm in a position where I don't know what the truth is. What I do know is that this child is getting exposed to a lot that I'm uncomfortable with. My purpose was to stop that behavior and start drilling down to find out what's going on here."


Dr. Phil holds the results of polygraph examinations taken by Krista, Bonii and Jeremy. He asks the three if there is anything they wish to say before he reveals the test results. Krista and Bonii both say no.


"Oh yeah, there's a lot I want to say," Jeremy says. "I'm a very good father and this test is going to show it. I've never done anything to my daughter, and that comes from the bottom of my heart. My daughter is safe in my arms, in my house, at my dinner table." 

Jeremy challenges Krista and Bonii, asking what they'll do if he passes his polygraph test.


Krista says, "I'll apologize to you. But, I am saying stuff that Kaylee says to me, and I'll pass [my polygraph test] too."


Bonii says, "You pass this test, I will apologize to you. But, I will be looking for another predator, because I can't imagine why Kaylee always says these things when she comes home from your house and none of us tell her to."

Dr. Phil turns to Jeremy. "Well, let me ask you the same question there, Senator," he says sarcastically. "You're making all of these speeches. What are you going to do if the results say the other way?"


Jeremy answers, "The only thing I can say is I know what I did and did not do to her. I don't care what a test says."


Dr. Phil says, "So, if it vindicates you, you want them to fall before you and apologize, but if it says you're guilty, then it doesn't count."


Jeremy replies, "If it says I'm guilty, I don't know what to tell you."