Bonii and Krista's Results

Krista met polygraph examiner Howard Swabash to take the lie detector test. After taking the test, she said, "I know 100 percent that I passed the test. I don't know how Jeremy's tests went, but I don't think that he passed." She added, "I'm nervous that he did fail, because that's just going to make me feel so much worse to know what my daughter's been going through for the past year. I hope he passed."


Dr. Phil opens the envelope containing Krista's test results.  He begins, "Question number one: Do you believe that Kaylee is being molested by Jeremy. Your answer is 'Yes.' The results of the test indicate that you were being truthful in that response.


"Number two: Have you ever coached Kaylee to lie about Jeremy molesting her. The answer is 'No' and the tests indicate that that is a deceptive response, indicating that you have egged her on or prodded her.

"Question three: Are you falsely accusing Jeremy of molesting Kaylee. You said 'No,' and the results indicate that is truthful. Number four: Have you lied about Kaylee getting molested in order to gain custody of Kaylee. You said 'No, I'm not lying about that in order to influence custody,' and the results are that that is truthful. You're not saying it for custody motivation."

Dr. Phil continues, "Number five: Have you used cocaine in the last 90 days. You said 'No,' and the result is that that is truthful; that you're not doing cocaine."


Dr. Phil turns to Jeremy and asks if he has any comments about the test findings. Jeremy says no.


Dr. Phil moves on to the results of Bonii's test. According to the polygraph, Bonii was truthful on all points asked: She does not know for sure that Jeremy is sexually molesting her

granddaughter; she never coached Kaylee to say Jeremy touched her inappropriately; she is not lying about the molestation for custody purposes, or for any other reasons.


"So, you answered truthfully to all four questions," Dr. Phil says to Bonii. "You're being straight up and honest."