The Lie Detector Tests, Part Two: Jeremy

A Dramatic Turn
Dr. Phil reflects on the results of the polygraph test, which indicate that Jeremy has been deceptive in his answers. "I don't know whether you have touched your daughter inappropriately or not," he tells Jeremy. "I know that this test is 92 percent accurate. I know that you gave responses that are very disturbing to me, and I have played two of those for you."

Dr. Phil says he is also bothered by Jeremy's Internet activities, such as having the e-mail address analbastard@[censored].com. "That doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about you," he says. "But you're up here getting on your high horse, and preaching about, ‘Yeah, you're getting big ratings and you're making money.' You tell me, my friend, you tell me if I get a letter and a videotape of a child saying, ‘Somebody touched my pee-pee,' if I get that, what do you expect me to do?"

"Act on it like you have," Jeremy concedes.

"You get up on your high horse about ratings and money. Let me tell you, my friend, my interest here is in Kaylee," Dr. Phil assures Jeremy. "I have offered you help. I have offered your daughter help. I have offered this family help. So don't get self-righteous and sanctimonious with me."

Dr. Phil points out that Jeremy wasn't complaining when one of Krista's polygraph results indicated deception. "It was like, ‘Oh yeah.' You were looking at her like, ‘There you go, bitch.' That was pretty much your response then," he observes. "But when it says you have been inappropriate with your daughter, then all of the sudden you're a victim. And maybe you are. Maybe you haven't done this."

"I haven't," Jeremy insists.

"Maybe you're part of that 8 percent," Dr. Phil says. "I can't know the answer to that question."

Voice quavering, Jeremy says, "I do know. I have never done anything to her. Never."

"If you've done this, I'm not trying to excuse that behavior whatsoever," Dr. Phil tells Jeremy. He gives Jeremy insight into how polygraph exams work. "They monitor involuntary responses in your body. Whenever you lie, your body response is an involuntary nature that you cannot control, if there is a feeling of guilt. I don't know if you have been with her before when you're cleaning her, bathing her, dealing with her, and without wanting to or meaning to, you became aroused, and you felt guilty about that after the fact. I don't know what may have caused you to become aroused at the time."

With a look of disgust, Jeremy says, "That's so sick!"

"I'm talking about on the test," Dr. Phil clarifies. "Why you reacted in a guilty fashion, a deceptive fashion."

"I don't know," Jeremy says. 

"Have you ever had a sexual arousal, an erection, at a time when you are with your daughter?" Dr. Phil presses.


Jeremy replies, "What do you do when you're making love to somebody and a child cries? You can't just sit there and let them cry, just because you have been, you know, making love to your spouse."

Dr. Phil is confused. "One of us isn't communicating very well. I'm not talking about when you have been with a woman, and your daughter was in the next room or in close proximity," he explains to Jeremy. "I'm talking about if you have ever experienced " however disgusting it might have been to you " have you ever experienced any arousal in connect with your daughter?"

"Arousal?" Jeremy asks. 

"However despicable it might be to you, have you ever been bathing her, holding her, cleaning her, and found yourself getting sexual aroused?" Dr. Phil presses. 


"Intentionally or otherwise, that's never occurred?" Dr. Phil asks. "You have no idea how she got a tear in her vaginal area?"

Jeremy answers both questions in the negative.

Dr. Phil addresses some remarks Jeremy made that perplexed him. "You talk about sleepwalking. You scratch your head about, 'Let's see. Have I ever put my tongue in her mouth?' You have to understand those things are just not normal," Dr. Phil says. "It's not normal to have to go back through your memory banks and see whether or not you stuck your tongue in your daughter's mouth or not. It doesn't take me very long to go over that with myself, because that's just so far out of the realm of possibility that I can answer now and think about it later. It just doesn't happen. It took you a long time to answer that question."

"I understand that," Jeremy replies. "I like to think about questions before I answer them, especially when it hits you like that, it's just something that I " "

"You knew about that accusation before you heard it from me. That wasn't the first time you heard that," Dr. Phil challenges him.

Addressing Jeremy's wife, Danielle, Dr. Phil asks, "Is this little girl safe in your home?"

Danielle replies, "I thought so."

"Is this little girl safe in your home?" Dr. Phil reiterates. Sternly, he says, "Step up here and be a mother. Step up here and be a woman. You know there's a point at which you have loyalty to your husband. There's a point at which you want to have his back and stay the course, but there is a higher calling in this world. There is a higher calling in this situation, and there is a little girl involved here who doesn't have the ability to protect herself. There is a little girl here who stands in harm's way if something is going on there, and you can step up as a woman and a mother and do the right thing." 

"I never had any reason to believe that she wasn't until we got these tests. I don't really know if they're right or not. I mean, it's hard to sit here and think that they're not," Danielle says through tears. "How am I supposed to sit here the whole time and believe that he's been molesting her when I haven't even seen him do anything close, seen him anywhere near being inappropriate with her? If I would've, I would've said something. There are times when I've walked in the door from getting the mail, and she's crying, and I ask him why she's crying, and he tells me that I look at him like he's guilty. I just don't want her being hurt."

"Can you look at Krista? However much you like her or don't like her, you two have the common bond of being mothers," Dr. Phil tells Danielle. "You have a child in your womb as we speak. Can you look at her and tell her, 'I know your baby is safe in my home'?"

Danielle replies, "Not anymore. I could've before."


"Can you look at her and tell her, 'We may not like each other, but I don't want your baby hurt'? Can you honestly look her in the eye and say that?" Dr. Phil asks Danielle. 

Visibly shaken, Danielle looks at Krista. "I love Kaylee like she's my own," she says. "I can't stand when she gets scratched; that bothers me. Do you not realize that I do care about her?"

Krista replies, "I don't know how you couldn't. I don't know how anybody could hurt her. She's the sweetest kid you'll ever meet. But apparently people can." 

Addressing Jeremy, Dr. Phil says, "Do you have an appreciation for the impact on a child that has been molested?"

"Oh yeah," Jeremy replies. "It messes them up so much."

Dr. Phil asks, "Is it possible, knowing that your father has plead guilty to fondling a child, is it possible that he's done that with you?"

"You know, there is absolutely nothing that I can remember that has happened to me. Nothing," Jeremy maintains.

"Do you believe that Kaylee believes that she has been inappropriately touched by you?" Dr. Phil asks.

Jeremy answers in the negative.

"When Kaylee says, ‘He, they, " she's used both pronouns " touched my pee pee, don't let them do it again,' do you believe that she believes that you have been inappropriate with her?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I hope to God she doesn't. I don't know. She's 3 years old," Jeremy says. He explains that when he took Kaylee to the emergency room when she complained of problems in her vaginal area, the doctor said, "'Well, I can tell this child hasn't been molested,' and he named some piece of skin or something up inside a woman, that hasn't been penetrated."

"Well, I wasn't there, and I wasn't in on that conversation, but the fact that the hymen has not been broken does not mean the child hasn't been molested," Dr. Phil explains. "And if he said that based on that being intact, then he needs to go back to medical school."