Cause to Re-Open the Case?
Anne Bremner joins Dr. Phil onstage.

“This is a case that has more questions than answers,” Anne tells Dr. Phil. “There are more things every day that need to be looked into. But to be objective, you have to look at the whole picture.”

“What bothers you the most [about the case]?” Dr. Phil quizzes.

Anne reviews the evidence that she believes authorities missed.

[AD]Anne says that they are hoping to ask the Attorney General to launch an independent investigation to reexamine the evidence. “The fact is: This was a rush to judgment,” she explains. “This is a case [where] there is blood in the shower that wasn’t analyzed. There were footprints in the kitchen — not analyzed. There was underwear — not analyzed. There were blows to Becky’s head — not even considered. She has lividity — the medical condition caused when blood settles after death — in her back, not in her legs or feet usually caused from hanging. There was so much known to the sheriffs and not followed up on back then.” Anne says that computer analysis shows that someone was on the home computer after she was found dead. The setting in of rigor mortis doesn’t work into the timeline either, she explains.