The Reenactment
Dr. Phil says experience has shown that people who take their own life will go to great lengths to do so. He explains that, in this case, Rebecca’s hands and feet were bound using knots that her family says she would have no knowledge of how to make. Additionally, her feet were bound, indicating she would have had the difficult task of hopping over a balcony, and a t-shirt was found in her mouth, which would have been difficult to insert without help if her hands were bound.

Watch San Diego affiliate KFMB-TV reenact the scene.

“How would she have tied her hands behind her back with that elaborate knotting?” Dr. Phil asks Doug, a police officer.

“It doesn’t look right,” Doug comments. “It’s very odd.”

Anne, along with Rebecca’s family, say they question why her feet were dirty, adding that no dirty footprints were found in the carpeted area near by.

"What is the likelihood that she would, given your [Asian] culture, present herself at death completely nude?” Dr. Phil asks Mary.

“Very unlikely,” Mary answers. She says it’s not only a culture distinction, it’s also not consistent with the way they were raised. “Displaying yourself nude in public is not even an option. That is not something that you would do. That is not the last image that she would want to leave with us. Becky would not go to that extent to hurt us more. The idea that she is gone is bad enough. She would not do it in that manner to show the world.”

Dr. Phil tells Mary about research behind what is termed, “naked suicide,” and says it typically revolves around severe guilt. “But when you talked to her on the phone, she didn’t seem guilt-ridden to you at all?” he asks.

Mary says her sister didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

[AD]Dr. Phil reads a text message exchange between Rebecca and Mary on her last day. In response to a query from Mary about Max, Rebecca writes:

"Not OK, but better. No swelling detected and they have decreased the amount of coma. [Jonah] says he seems more alive. I can't believe this; it's a nightmare partially it's hard because I love him like my own, but he is not and I need to stay strong for Jonah."

“People who are getting ready to die, don’t talk about the future,” Dr. Phil says. “[The text] seems completely counter to an idea of ending one's life, and this was only hours before [her death] took place.”