The Nanny Affair: Restraining Order

The Nanny Affair: Restraining Order

Amy filed a restraining order against Brandon six months ago. "We did not talk, or speak, or hear of each other for four months," she shares.


Heidi appeared in court as a witness testifying against Brandon. "On record, in a court of law, I spoke about his emotional abuse, his spiritual abuse, his mental abuse, his physical abuse," she says. "Brandon was away. They both obeyed by the rules of the restraining order, and there was no contact. And then Brandon came back into the picture." Brandon and Amy started spending more time together. "I knew that she would just get back together with him anyway," she reveals. "When I found

out that Brandon and Amy were seeing each other again, I called her mom and dad. I called her lawyer."


Mont, Amy's father, is concerned about her decision. "I would be disappointed for him to come back into the home if he is still who he was," he says.


Currently, Brandon is not living at the house but admits to staying there once in a while. He and Amy say they have been intimate a few times. "The restraining order has been dismissed," Amy tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil establishes that Brandon's affair with the nanny occurred a few months after Amy gave birth to their second son. Amy didn't find out about the affair until months later. "[The nanny] says this was rape, you gave her pills, and you harassed her for a month afterward," Dr. Phil says to Brandon.

"That's not true," Brandon says.


Amy has said she would like to divorce Brandon and then re-marry him, so they can have a fresh start and be together forever. "That would be a great possibility, though I don't know," she says. "I do want to get a divorce, though I will not get remarried again unless he is a completely different person than who he was."


"Why did you have five different nannies?" Dr. Phil asks.

Amy explains that she was in a car accident and had to have three reconstructive shoulder surgeries, and Brandon had just started a new job. "He was completely unable to help with the children," she says, noting that she doesn't have any family near where she lives, and she had a newborn baby at the time. "I couldn't physically take care of the children." 

Dr. Phil addresses Brandon. "How's your temper?" he asks. "Because you've had problems with it before, right?"

"In the past," Brandon says.

"In fact, you've knocked down every door in the house, right?" Dr. Phil probes. "You've punched holes in the walls."

"I have not punched holes in the walls," Brandon says, defensively.


"Have you called her names?" Dr. Phil asks. "C-word, bitch?"

"I may have. I don't recall."

"I recall," Amy says.

Brandon points out that both Heidi and Amy have called him names as well.

"I call you the names that you are," Heidi says.

"That's why I call you a whore," Brandon says, "because that's what you are."


"This is Brandon's true nature," Heidi says.