A Family's Relief

Dr. Phil addresses Fred and Kim Goldman. "This is, obviously, very good news. We talked about that a bit yesterday, but it is for unrelated charges. I know it's got to feel good to know that this man is probably going to spend the rest of his life in jail, but what's your feeling about the fact that he never has or ever will be held accountable for what you believe he did to your son and your brother?"


"He'll never be held accountable for that, other than the civil verdict. The bottom line is we hope and pray that the effort we put forth over all these years " taking away his book rights last year, publishing the book, holding it against him, using his own words against him " were part of the reason he went over the edge and committed these crimes," Fred replies. "For that, we're happy that he's ultimately going to spend the bulk of his life, the rest of his life, in jail."


"I've been having a hard time wrapping my mind around what we've done for all these years. I was fortunate to bring my son to the cemetery and explain to him what we've been doing for the last 13 years," Kim replies. "I said to him, 'A very bad person is in jail for doing bad things.' There was a moment of pride that I was able to feel. I'm glad that the system worked."

Dr. Phil praises Kim and Fred for their diligence. "It was the pressure that you two kept on O.J., of him trying to make an end run around the law " he didn't call the police; he didn't want to be involved in the F.B.I. " because he knew if he recovered this stuff legally that you would have a legal right to it," he says. "It's got to feel good knowing that keeping the pressure on him showed his true character."


"We felt for a very long time that the pressure on him would finally catch up to him," Kim says. "After 13 years, it's probably very exhausting to have to do everything hidden and secretive and deceptive."


"We promised Ron, we promised ourselves, that we would never let go. We didn't. Thank goodness, it's paid off, and we're going to see him in jail, hopefully for the rest of his life, where he belongs," Fred adds.