The Price of Privilege: Tiffany

The Price of Privilege: Tiffany

"If I could trade my life with any celebrity, I would in a heartbeat," says Tiffany, 32. "Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Tori Spelling, anybody."

"My sister-in-law, Tiffany, is living in a fantasy world of the celebrities," Kelly says. 

"My sister, Tiffany, will try to dress like a celebrity, drive a car of a celebrity, mimic the behavior of a celebrity," her brother, Joel, says. "She orders people around."

"She's high maintenance, wants everything her way, wants to be waited on hand and foot," Kelly says.

"My boyfriend caters to my every need," Tiffany says. "He'll drop me off and pick me up at work. We've kind of labeled that princess parking. I'm a princess. I introduce myself as Tiffany, but you can call me Princess.

"I do live a jet-setting lifestyle, just like a celebrity," Tiffany says. "I became a flight attendant in the hopes that it would open doors for my modeling career. Doing the safety demo on the airplane totally excites me because everybody is paying attention to me. It's kind of a little rush inside. I'm still hoping for my big break. I would sacrifice anything to be famous. If my name were a household name, it would totally just light me up inside."

"So, why should you be famous?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I've been modeling since I was 12. It's a passion of mine. I absolutely loved being in front of the camera. I feel like if I give up my dream, a part
of me inside will die. I've worked so hard for so long. All I want is a chance," Tiffany says. "If I could choose fame or money, I would choose the fame. I would rather be famous and make nothing. I just love to be in front of the camera. I love all eyes on me. Like, I'm totally excited right now." 

"This is driving you crazy, right?" Dr.
Phil asks Kelly.

"Yes. I'm kind of thinking she'd be great in Hollywood, but from our small town that we live in, it's not what people are used to," Kelly says.

Dr. Phil turns to Randy Spelling, in the audience. "Do you get up every day about 10, 10:30, go to Starbucks, work out a little bit and lay by the pool?"

"Of course,"
he says with a straight face. Then he laughs. "No, not at all."

"The fact is you really do work hard."

"I work very hard," Randy says. He tells Tiffany she should work toward her modeling goals because it's her passion, not because it could make her famous.

Dr. Phil asks Tiffany, "But you said you'd be happy doing nothing, like Paris [Hilton]?"

"If I had a choice, if someone said, ‘You can keep being a flight attendant or you can just be famous for nothing,' of course I'd be famous for nothing," she says. "I mean, who wouldn't?"


"You say you'll be out, and you'll ask strangers to get you coffee, food, hold your umbrella, just to see if they'll do it, and they do?" he asks.

"Yes, it's mainly at work," Tiffany says. She explains that after she boards the airplane, she'll introduce herself to the captain and crew and tell them to call her Princess, and they do. "So it's kind of like a little game in my head now, like, how far can I push this? Let me see what they really will do for me."  

"Do you ever wonder what they call you when you're not standing there?" Dr. Phil asks.

Tiffany laughs and says, "No, I don't wonder that because I don't believe there's anything wrong with the way I act because I'm not manipulating people, I'm not using people, I'm not doing it out of malice."

Dr. Phil turns back to Randy, Sean Stewart and David Weintraub. "Do you guys have people who run around and take care of everything for you? Do you drive yourselves?"

"Yes, I drive myself," Sean says.

"I don't hold umbrellas," David jokes.

Dr. Phil asks Tiffany, "Do you have a
strategy for getting famous?"


Tiffany says she's willing to do the work but admits that she isn't doing everything she can.  

"If you want to be in Hollywood, then move to Hollywood," Dr. Phil suggests.