The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives: Deborah
Dr. Phil helps seven women to stop living a lie and start revealing the truth."I have five kids. I live in a pretty neighborhood, in a really nice house. I definitely have a secret life," says Deborah. "I start living my secret the minute I wake up in the morning. I try to do it when my husband is not at home. My biggest fear is what my husband's going to think," she says, getting emotional. "I think if I kept going, I would die."
"So how do you think people see you?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"I think they see me as pretty normal. Just typical happy mom. Got a great husband, family, kids, life."
"How wrong would they be?" he asks.
"Not very," says Deborah. "A lot of that is true. Besides the little problem that I have."
Dr. Phil pauses. "The little problem that you have."
"OK, the great big problem that I have," admits Deborah.
"Is that what you're telling yourself? I just want to know," says Dr. Phil.
"Oh, no, it definitely is a problem."
She gets real about her secret.