The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives: Stacy
Dr. Phil helps seven women to stop living a lie and start revealing the truth.
"I feel like I have a very nice life in the external sense," says Stacy. "I have two beautiful kids, an amazing husband, I've got a wonderful home. And then when you look inside my heart and my mind and what I go through emotionally, it's not perfect at all. It's very disheveled. I definitely feel that I'm harboring a big secret. Just flat out guilt. It's what it comes down to. It's a disgusting habit. My friends have no clue. I'm extremely good at hiding my secret. And you get better and better as you go."
Dr. Phil asks Stacy how the world sees her.
"Strong, put together, confident," she says.
"Do you seek to do that on purpose?" he asks.
"Oh yes. With my problem, it's just more of an image thing. I think you get further if you look nicer, I guess. That's the way I've been taught," says Stacy.
"So you want to come across as strong and confident and everything is cool, you've got it together," Dr. Phil summarizes.
"Right," she says.
Stacy cries for the first time in years.