Rude Awakening for the Audience
Dr. Phil strolls through the audience. "I was watching you all as you arrived today; there are cameras everywhere. The time to get here was supposed to be 8:15," he says. Turning to a row of audience members he says, "This whole section right here showed up late for the show!"
Barbara is one of the latecomers, and Dr. Phil busts her for being tardy. "What was more important than showing up on time?" he asks.
"The traffic in L.A.," Barbara says sheepishly. 
"OK, and you just moved here?" Dr. Phil teases.
Next on Dr. Phil's hit list is an audience member named Nathaniel. "So you are chronically late, right?" Dr. Phil observes.
"Yes," Nathaniel says. "I'm late to everything. That's what everyone can depend on me for, is to be late."
[AD]"You've actually been fired from a job for being late," Dr. Phil notes.
"I showed up late three times in one week," Nathaniel replies. "I don't think I can help it sometimes. I feel like there's no hurry to be on time."
"Your theory is what you're doing is more important than everybody else, so they can just wait until you get there," Dr. Phil muses. "Do you think the laws of physics don't work for you? Like Barbara, you can get through traffic. It's just going to split like the Red Sea."
Watch what happens when someone's cell phone rings during the show.

Dr. Phil turns to Amy Alkon, author of I See Rude People: One Woman's Battle to Beat Some Manners into Impolite Society.

"Are you astounded that people are getting so rude now?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"I'm actually horrified and shocked every time people do stuff like that," Amy replies.
To find out how people react when their buttons are pushed, Dr. Phil sends comedian Kate Rigg to the Third Street Famer's Market in Los Angeles.
Watch Kate's hilarious exploits! 
[AD]Dr. Phil turns to Kate in the audience. "You did a great job, by the way," he praises her. "That takes a lot of guts to go do that. Were you surprised that nobody was saying anything to you? They were all giving you looks."
"I was shocked that no one said anything to me," Kate replies. "People turned around and made noises, sort of grunted and groaned a little and rolled their eyeballs at me, but nobody actually said, ‘Excuse me; I'm trying to enjoy my lunch. Could you please keep it down'?"
"I would have given anything if somebody would have gone over, taken her cell phone and dropped it in a glass of water," Dr. Phil jokes.