The Search for Natalee: Alabama Governor

The Search for Natalee: Alabama Governor

Standing at a podium with Natalee's mother by his side, the governor of Alabama issues this statement:

"Citizens of Alabama, and indeed the nation, have been saddened by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. I will be contacting the governors of the other 49 states and urging them to join Alabama in this boycott."

Back in his studio, Dr. Phil says, "Two months ago on this show as y'all know, I called for Americans to boycott travel to the island of Aruba. And now Governor Bob Riley of Alabama has joined me and is calling the other 49 governors to do the same." He turns to Beth. "How do you feel about this?"

"Well, Saint Phil is now your name for our family. You knew when it was time ... And our thoughts on this are, it's not safe for other tourists, and it's not safe for even their citizens. And what we want to prevent is another family having a missing son or daughter in these islands with absolutely no justice."

Dr. Phil says, "And I think we have two sets of parents here. Both of you seem to me to be very objective about this. You want to know what's happened to your children. Whatever the answer is, you want to know the answer."

"Dr. Phil, you've said it perfectly well. If she's alive, we need to find her. But if she's not, we need answers," says Beth. 

"And as a parent ,it is our job to never give up. And I know that Amy, Natalee as well, are counting on us to fight," Iva adds.