The Search for Natalee: Updates

The Search for Natalee: Updates

"My name is Ty Ritter. I recover children who have been kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery, and I've been doing it for over 30 years. I've been a bodyguard all my life. I've trained secret service and police officers. From there I started my own bodyguarding business. I have my own little private small army."

To help find Natalee, Dr. Phil has assembled a team, including Ty, to
work side-by-side with her family and the FBI.

Ty begins with a look inside a brothel as seen through a hidden camera. A woman proffers a young female for sex, while the girl hastily undresses.

"Is she fresh? Is she healthy?" asks the investigator behind the camera.

The woman says, "Sex?" She brings the tips of her fingers to her mouth and kisses them as an indication of quality.


Away from his duties, Ty describes a jump in both the number of child porn Web sites and the cost for sexual services. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed child who used to fetch $12,000 to $17,000, now goes for six figures.

"Natalie Holloway could be worth a couple million dollars. Because it's high profile right now, they could be calling in the big clients, somebody who's going to get a thrill out of having sex with Natalee Holloway, who will come in and pay big, big bucks, just for that thrill. To the kidnappers, this is very big business."

"We raided a place that was doing child porn. They go to great lengths to keep people out: glass embedded in the walls, and barbed wire. There's a security guard that's looking down toward the end of the building here. I got one of my guys watching because we were getting ready to raid it in the early morning hours, and we did. And we brought two children out of there.
"We were trying to recover children that were being filmed, and I found this girl. They had tied her to the bed. They had driven a large nail through the top of her head. When the nail is in the brain, it causes the body to convulse. As she's convulsing they are having sex and filming until she dies. On her bottom, she had a tattoo of a ram's head in a circle. That's a tattoo they use for branding children. The expert told us the tattoo was at least 10 years old. She was approximately 18, 19 years old. So this girl ended up in sexual slavery at a very young age.
"On the last recovery, we found children all on military cots. They had, like, a bicycle cable that came out from the wall. Handcuffs. They did not have pillows. They didn't even have a sanitary pot. There's feces and urine all around them. That was the condition we found them in. And we snatched those babies up. Took them home." His lower lip quivers as the thought brings Ty to tears.
"There's no reward in the world like bringing a child back to those parents. There's nothing like it."

Back in the studio,

Dr. Phil says that the team has been in constant contact with the FBI, sharing information about the case. "We've been talking to them so closely because we want to be sure that everything is coordinated and that we don't get in the way of anything, and that we don't have any information they don't have and vice versa." He then introduces a member of the team who is himself a former FBI profiler, Clint Van Zandt.

Clint agrees with Dr. Phil that the possibility Natalee might be alive must be considered along with other theories. "Until someone tells a parent that your child is deceased and we can prove it, that child is still alive, that emotional porch light stays on, and those pervs continue to go for that child, and you keep looking for them, Dr. Phil, until you find them."

"And that's what you want to do, Beth, right?" Dr. Phil asks Natalee's mother.

"Absolutely," she replies.

Dr. Phil tells Beth he's glad to see her back, and that he will not allow Natalee's case to go cold.

Beth says, "Dr. Phil, you've been right all along." He sent investigators to Aruba who obtained a taped interview with one of the main suspects in the case, Deepak Kalpoe. "And you knew when it was time to step up for the boycott, and ... you know when it's time to begin a different search method for Natalee too."

Dr. Phil says, "I don't want to create false hope. But you and I know things that the rest of the world doesn't know and we're going to disclose some of those things today.


"Now let me say something very clear," he continues. "This is a long shot. We don't know, and I don't want us to say or do anything here today that's going to slow the looking for her body. If she has fallen victim to murder we want to find that body, and there are so many dedicated people working to get that done. I'm not saying we should stop that and start this. These things need to be happening in parallel. We need to consider everything. We need to look everywhere."

One of the reasons Beth holds out hope that Natalee is alive is that she recently received a cryptic phone message on her cell phone and believes she heard Natalee's voice. "Now, I've listened to the call," says Dr. Phil. "I've also had it analyzed by a forensic audio specialist. Now, he found two distinct voices on the cell. Beth has asked us not to play the call. And frankly, I want to respect her wishes, and I agree that we shouldn't play that right now. I don't want to give anything away that could put anybody in jeopardy, if it is in fact her. Tell us what you heard on the phone call."

"It just had some very little key elements in it. The first thing that I hear on the voice mail is — it almost sounds as if it's a foreigner, and they say, 'Yeah.' And then you hear, it's almost like a clank, like they're shifting the phone. And then there's music playing in the background, and then I hear what to me is a very subdued — a vocal utterance from Natalee. And Dr. Phil, you know, I've never told anyone this. I've never disclosed this to anyone, and I'm really pretty level-headed. But I'm a pediatric speech pathologist, and I've done this for 22 years. That's how I've made my career is listening to vocal utterances. This was my trained profession of hearing the utterance on this voice mail thinking that it was her." 

 "And this call came in when?" asks Dr. Phil.

"October the third at 6:50 p.m.," she replies.

"OK, so that's about five weeks ago," he deduces. "OK, and our analyst said, you know, 'Forget about what they talk about on television, and CSI and that sort of thing. The only person that's ever going to be able to tell if that's Natalee is her mother.'"

Dr. Phil introduces Mark Llewellyn, another former FBI agent and

consultant. "There is a possibility that Natalee could be alive, do you agree with that?" he asks Mark.

"Absolutely," Mark says, "and as you said Dr. Phil, you never want to give up hope. If there's the slightest possibility that she could be in some slave trade business or anything, you want to keep looking."

Next, he introduces Harold Copus, also a former FBI agent, who has been actively working on Natalee's case.
"Now, he has said from the beginning that her disappearance could be connected to the sex slave trade industry," he says of Harold. "You also believe that we need to consider this."

"Oh, very much so. I think as long as we don't have a body, we have to assume the worst, and actually being in a sex slave trade could be the worst," says Harold.

"And I think nothing could be more tragic then if she is alive and we weren't looking for her alive," says Dr. Phil.