The Sex Talk

Teens Talk about Sex
Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw talk to teens and their parents about sex.
In a series of interviews with teens, Jay McGraw discovered that while many of the boys admitted to having sex and oral sex indiscriminately, most of the girls articulated a longing to be valued and accepted through the act of having sex.

Jay also discovered something that surprised him. "The number one thing kids want from their parents is for them to become more involved in their lives," says Jay.
Megan learned the hard way about the damage that becoming sexually active can have on your self-esteem and your future. She feels she learned a tough lesson that she probably could have avoided if she had opened up to her grandmother and had a sex talk.
"Tell this audience watching at home what you think about becoming sexually active," says Dr. Phil.

"Don't you do it," says Megan. "You are worth so much more than that. Sex is not going to make you feel better. You'll regret the decision to have sex and you can lose one of the most important things you have: your self-respect."
Denise, who became sexually active at age 12, admits that part of her lax attitude about sex came from having a lack of communication with her mother growing up. She feels relieved that her mother finally knows about her sexual activity.
"The rush of having sex doesn't last long " less than an hour," says Denise. "I was shocked to hear how boys perceive girls who have sex. Wow. It's not fair for them to be part of it and then turn around and judge girls."
Chris is a father who says he never expected to set a "double standard" for his children. But now that he's parenting two teenagers, he feels like he's overprotective of his daughter Kelly while at the same time encouraging son Ty to practice safe sex.

"I've learned that boys and girls are different," says Chris. "I want to protect my daughter but I don't feel comfortable talking to her about sex."
"You have to understand that you are your daughter's best resource," Dr. Phil tells Chris. "You can't tell her what you don't know,  and if you don't tell her what you do know, she won't have the advantage of your wisdom."