The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge
Dr. Phil continues his work with a family in crisis.
Jim was 360 pounds when he started the Weight Loss Challenge, and Dr. Phil had some doubts about if he'd succeed.

"Before the Weight Loss Challenge, I was depressed and angry," Jim says. "I hated myself and almost felt like there was no way out from being overweight ... It makes me so happy that I'm not depending on a program that's going to end or a diet that I'm going to go off of. This is my life."

Jim, who's gone from a size 52 to a 38, says, "I've hated exercise my whole life and this program teaches you how to never hate anything that's good for you again."


His weight loss has changed how he views himself, how he feels, and has also improved his relationship with his wife. "Our relationship is evolving to meet the needs of this new lifestyle," he explains.

Jim says that his biggest challenge has been time management. "You have to be willing to cook for yourself, to take time to slowly eat your food, and to make time for several workouts a week," he says.

Jim tells Dr. Phil that the biggest surprise he experienced since starting the Weight Loss Challenge is how easy it is to lose weight when you have the knowledge about how to do it. "I can't fail," he says. "If I do these seven keys, there's no way to fail, and that to me is amazing."

Dr. Phil asks Jim why he was such a skeptic at the start of the program. "I never realized that I carried a dialogue with myself," he says. "I had set up a lifetime of negative thinking." In fact, changing his internal dialogue is what has given him the power to reach his goals. "That the dialogue that exists in your head is not just something that happens. It's something that you have full control over," he explains. "You have the ability to change what's going on in your head!"

Jim has decided to mentor Derek, an overweight co-worker and friend.

"Derek's problem is that he's very comfortable being overweight," Jim says. "He's been this way his whole life and he can't stop."

Like Jim, Derek feels insecure around his thin wife and hopes to lose at least 65 pounds.

Dr. Phil asks Derek if he's serious about losing weight.

"Absolutely," he answers. "I don't want a quick fix. I have a 4-year-old son that I want to be around with for a long time."

Dr. Denise Bruner, an obesity and weight loss expert, tells Derek that by losing weight and sustaining it, he'll start to feel more energetic and mentally alert. Also, his cholesterol and blood sugar should go down and he'll add five to 10 years to his life.