The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge
Dr. Phil talks to Weight Loss Challengers who are succeeding in the program.
"The one word to describe my life before the Weight Loss Challenge was 'hopeless,' Terri says. She has since lost about 50 pounds.

"My body has started to change like I never imagined," she continues. "I'm starting to realize that I have a neck and cheekbones."

Terri says that she has started paying attention the things she does. "When I sit down to eat, it's not mindless, and when I exercise it's 'intentional exercise,'" she says.

She also notes that she never feels deprived of food. "I'm eating five times a day," she says. "I'm just eating the right things."

"Has your relationship with you changed?" Dr. Phil asks Terri.

"I like myself now," she answers.

Terri has decided to mentor her good friend Karen, who weighs 214 pounds and wants to lose 60.

"I want to teach Karen," Terri says. "She's going to realize how this is going to affect the rest of her life."

"Why now?" Dr. Phil asks Karen.

"I've seen the changes in Terri, and as my boys get older, they are now overweight and I want to change the whole cycle," says Karen.

Dr. Phil tells Karen that one of the first things he and his team are going to help her stop is emotional eating. To get started, she can listen to Dr. Frank Lawlis' imagery and relaxation CD to calm her anxiety and help her lose weight.