The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Booty Camp Finale: Karlyn, Christy, Jaimie, Michele

The Results
See how the Booty Campers are doing.
"I was a big a carboholic and just ate whatever was around, whenever I wanted," says Karlyne, who has lost 31 pounds and dropped four dress sizes down to an 8. "I was eating mindlessly. Since being on the Dr. Phil show, my life has completely changed. It is a commitment that I made and I take it very seriously."

Key six, intentional exercise, was essential. "I am exercising every day," says Karlyne. "I feel energized, healthy and I feel like I'm getting more fit. I feel incredible. You think you've hit the peak level, and it just keeps getting better. Thanks to Booty Camp, I did it! Thanks Dr. Phil."
Karlyne shows off her 31-pound weight loss and her new look.

"How do you feel about you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I feel incredible," she says. "You know, you said to me at the first show, 'If you give me 10 weeks, I'll give you back your life and your body.' Well, it happened."

"Before Dr. Phil's Booty Camp, I think I felt hopeless," says Christy, who has struggled with weight her entire life. "Since being on the Dr. Phil show, I live to exercise. I go to the gym at least six days a week, and if I miss a day, I don't feel good about myself."

Now down to a size 12 from a size 16, Christy attributes much of her success to her circle of support, a group of likeminded women with whom she meets regularly. "Having my circle of support is the most important thing. I definitely think that Dr. Phil's Booty Camp has changed my life. I still have a ways to go, but I'm proud of how far I've come."
Now 25 pounds lighter and styled by Robin's makeover team, Christy comes out on stage.

"What was the hardest thing for you getting going?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Making time for exercise," Christy answers.

"Are you surprised that you put yourself on the top of your priority list?"

"No, not when I have you to be accountable to!" Christy jokes. She then gets emotional when she tells Dr. Phil: "I could not be happier ... I like myself."

Dr. Phil emphasizes the importance of changing your attitude and being your own best friend, and tells Christy she should be proud of herself. "How are you going to keep this?" he asks.

"I am not stopping today," she responds. "This is a lifestyle change for the rest of my life."

Jaimie had to break a powerful addiciton to sugar. "It was extremely hard getting through those first couple weeks of not having as much sugar as I used to," she says. "I was experiencing withdrawals and cravings and mood changes."

With help from nutrionist J.J. Virgin, she's found healthier foods that satisfy her. "I've seen such a dramatic improvement. I feel a lot better about myself and I have so much more energy than I ever used to," says Jaimie, who now exercises daily.

"I've gone down two dress sizes from a 14 down to a 10, and clothes are fitting me so much better than they used to," she says. "My experience on the Dr. Phil Booty Camp has been amazing. I would definitely say that it has changed the entire way that I eat, the way that I live my life, decisions that I make throughout the day, my exercise patterns, every single thing has changed as a result of this."

Jaimie shows off what she looks like now that she's 23 pounds lighter.

"What was the hardest thing for you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Definitely giving up the sugar," says Jaimie, who's lost 10 inches.

J.J. Virgin shares some of her tricks for weaning people off sugar. "One of the great ways is to use frozen fruits," she says. "Another way, instead of using artificial sweeteners, is to use cinnamon, which balances blood sugar, and to use vanilla, which raises those feel-good brain chemicals."

Ever since J.J. Virgin paid Michele a housecall and helped her set up a no-fail environment, Michele has seen her weight drop.

"Now I'm completely aware of the nutritional information on food," she says, pointing out that she has also reduced her portion size and commited herself to exercise.

"When I started the Dr. Phil Booty Camp, I wore a size 14. Yesterday I tried on a skirt that was a size 8 and I bought it. I am committed to this lifestyle for the rest of my life now. Thank you Dr. Phil. I am on the road to success and I will not turn back."

Michele walks on stage to show off her 15-pound weight loss and her Rodeo Drive makeover.

Dr. Phil reminds Michele that at first she called herself the "Booty Camp rebel" because she was reluctant to start making changes.

"I was a little bit," Michele admits. "Maybe a lot ... I blew it big time."

Even though she didn't commit herself to the program until three weeks into it, she's been able to see incredible results in a short time, including a loss of 12 percent body fat.

Dr. Phil calls all four of the women on stage, and the audience applauds their success.

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue Studio Services, the women will get to keep their new clothing and designer shoes, and go back to the department store for another outfit!

Dr. Phil thanks the makeover team, including Fiona and the Studio Services department at Saks Fifth Avenue; Christophe, who cut and colored their hair; and Carol Shaw of Lorac Cosmetics, who did their makeup.

He then tells the women that they'll each get to take home their choice of Precor fitness equipment!

"You guys are such crybabies," he jokes with them as they shed tears over the gift.