A teen who's following the Challenge from home is doing great!
Alex weighed 210 pounds when he started reading The Ultimate Weight Solution For Teens. "I was the fat kid that nobody wanted to play with," he recalls.

"He just didn't feel good about himself," his dad, Jeff, says, "and of course, we as parents felt for him. It just broke our hearts."

Alex has since lost 30 pounds by following all of Jay's keys, including eating healthier and exercising. His parents are more than his circle of support; they're also joining the Challenge. His mom has lost 15 pounds, and his dad has dropped 24 pounds.

"We are so proud of Alex," his dad says. "He inspires us."

Demonstrating that he can now ride his horse, which he couldn't do before he lost weight, Alex says, "I'm a much happier kid now. I'm a lot more self-confident, and I feel a lot better about myself."

"You should really be proud of yourself for what you're doing," Dr. Phil tells Alex, who's halfway to his goal weight. "Tell me what made you decide to do something about this now."

Alex explains, "I just didn't feel good about myself. I wanted to lose the weight to feel better about myself and to look better."

His parents are so proud of him. "He's doing great," his mom says. "He's an inspiration. Other adults that are around us who want to lose weight are calling him and asking him for advice!"

His dad adds, "When we started this, we didn't know if we'd be able to cut out all the fast-food." But they created a no-fail environment, and no longer crave the unhealthy foods they used to eat regularly.