The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Check-Ups: Sarah

Weight Loss Challenger Sarah shares a turning point for her.
Sarah has lost 52 pounds since starting the Weight Loss Challenge. "It feels fantastic," she says. "I'm really trying hard, but I know that for this Challenge, I could be amping it up some."

To help her out,

Dr. Phil sends her team captain, Thomas, to pay her a surprise housecall. "I'm here to tell you that you're doing a good job and to give you a little push. I think you need a kick in the butt," Thomas tells her.

To see if she has a no-fail environment, he takes a look inside her refrigerator. He finds plenty of food that Sarah shouldn't have in the house, but she says her roommate is to blame!

Then, Thomas and Sarah head to the gym, where they meet with Sarah's trainer, Diana. "Sarah works out very intensely when she's here," Diana explains. "I don't think it's a matter of her intensity of workouts. It's a matter of making sure that we get them done," she says, implying that Sarah needs to get to the gym more often.
Sarah is touched that Thomas stepped in to support her, and she reveals a recent turning point for her.

After doing some of the exercises in Self Matters, Sarah realized that she's not expecting enough of herself. In tears, she explains, "I would never expect so little of my friends as I do of myself ... I realized how often in my life I've felt alone, how often I've needed to be my best friend and I wasn't there for myself."

Dr. Phil emphasizes why diets don't work. "I told all of you guys at the beginning that this would not be worth the journey if when you reached your goal, you didn't feel worthy of stepping up and claiming it," he says. "You have to change who you are and step up and own it and claim it. Is that what you're telling me you're beginning to figure out?"

"Yeah, absolutely," Sarah responds.

Dr. Phil reminds Sarah how important it is to have a circle of support, and how Thomas took time out of his life to be there for her because he cares.

"It absolutely hit, the second he showed up, because I knew how busy he was," she says about

Thomas' visit.

Dr. Phil asks Thomas, "What do you want for her?"

"The message I think I want Sarah to come away from here with, is that people believe in her, but she needs to believe in herself," Thomas answers.

Dr. Phil recalls the beginning of the Challenge when he specifically told Sarah, who was procrastinating and did not seem fully committed, "You better get ready to to do this because I am not leaving you behind."

He asks her, "Are you beginning to believe what I'm telling you? You might as well start loving yourself and doing what you've got to do because I will haunt you. So why don't you just join me! We're going to keep you surrounded, and I want to see less of you next time."