The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Check-Ups: Thomas' Dates

Kimberlee, Catherine and Gail
Who's on vacation in the Caribbean with Thomas?

A few weeks ago, we did a show called "Thomas, the Bachelor," when Thomas' mom, sister and daughter each set him up on a date. Then, more than 58,000 of you voted online for which of the three women, Gail, Catherine or Kimberlee, should go with Thomas on a romantic weekend to La Samanna Resort, an Orient Express Hotel in St. Martin.

When Thomas opens the car door, he finds out that he'll be spending the weekend with Kimberlee!

"When I first saw Kimberlee, my heart jumped," he says. "I thought, this trip is fixing to get a lot more fun!"

"He's just so easy to be with. He's a great guy," Kimberlee says. "There definitely is chemistry between Thomas and I, and that is undeniable."

Now 79 pounds lighter and on vacation with a beautiful woman, Thomas ponders, "I'm here with a person I wanted to meet, and I'm wondering, did all this really happen because I was a fat guy? Life has changed, and it's changed for the better."

"Thomas has totally restored my faith in men. He's one of a kind," Kimberlee says. "Thomas brings out the person that I've always wanted to be, and I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling that is."

Thomas recaps their weekend date, saying, "I know that I've made a good friend and somebody I'm interested in continuing to see, and I hope she feels the same way."

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil gives Thomas and Kimberlee the third degree, asking if they made use of both hotel rooms the show provided, or if they stayed in the same room! When they make it clear that they slept in separate rooms, Dr. Phil asks, "So is there another date in the future?"

"She's going to cook dinner for me tonight," Thomas replies.

The audience applauds.

"This will be the first time you'll be together without my camera crew!" Dr. Phil jokes with them.