The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Check-Ups: Whitney, Jonathan, Jael

Whitney, Jonathan and Jael
A teen who's following the Challenge from home is doing great!
When Whitney, 17, was picked for the Teen Weight Loss Challenge, she explained that she wanted to be thinner like her two older sisters. "I've reached a point in my life when I'm old enough and I'm ready to do this," she said. "I'm sick of being fat."

Now, a few weeks later, she submits a video diary telling Dr. Phil: "Since being on the show, I have started working out and feel great. I took up Tae Kwon Do ... I have already lost seven pounds. I'm having so much fun!"

Since starting the Teen Weight Loss Challenge, 14-year-old Jonathan has good news to report. "I've been exercising with my trainer at the gym," he says. "I've cleaned out the pantry and the fridge, and we've restocked it with healthy food. Now the whole family is eating better. I'm on my way!"
When 12-year-old Jael got home from the Teen Weight Loss Challenge show, she used key three to clean up her family's environment.

She tossed all the foods that were high in sugar, for example, to set herself up for success. "I didn't even realize how much sugar-filled and fattening foods were in our kitchen up until now," says Jael, before heading to the market with her mom to restock their kitchen with healthier options.

When she weighs in for the first time, she finds that she's lost five pounds!

We've gotten many e-mails from teachers and teens across the country who want to start a Teen Weight Loss Challenge in their schools.

One high school in Rochester, N.Y. already has 142 participants, including students and faculty.

When they let Dr. Phil and Jay know that they were all sharing one copy of Jay's book, they received a shipment so that everyone could have a copy of The Ultimate Weight Solution, The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide, and The Ultimate Weight Solution For Teens.