The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Who Won't Make It?: Ann Marie, Angela, Sarah, Marilyn

The Final Cut
Dr. Phil confronts four Challengers about not sticking to their weight loss goals.
Since the Weight Loss Challenge began nine months ago, Ann Marie, Angela, Sarah and Marilyn have lost a lot of weight, but they are in danger of not achieving the goals that they set back in September. Dr. Phil sits down with them to find out why.

"You guys have lost some weight, but you haven't done as well as you should," he tells the women.

"I'm definitely not where I thought I would be," Marilyn admits. "I had hoops dreams of being like a 100 and something down."

"You've lost 67 pounds. You could have lost 144 pounds by now," he points out. "But you haven't really followed the program consistently, have you?"

"Well, the first month or two, I did. And then struggled for a couple months," she answers.

"I'm disappointed that you made that choice, because when you live all seven keys and follow the program with great consistency, it works 100 percent of the time."

Dr. Phil asks Sarah what she has to say about not sticking with her weight loss goals.

"I spent a lot of time waiting for something easy to come," she answers. "So now, I'm trying to get myself in the game."

To Ann Marie, Dr. Phil says, "You could have lost close to twice of what you lost, but you haven't followed the program."

"No, I was not consistent," she agrees.

Dr. Phil says, "Because you have not yet answered the question, 'What am I going to do if I lose all this weight and have to start a new life?'"

He asks Angela what she thinks, and she replies, "I struggle."

"Do you recognize how much help you've been extended in this?" he asks her. "You said at one point that you felt abandoned by the show. Those kind of thoughts are hard to fit in my ear."

"Is there something that we could have done for y'all to set you up for success that we haven't done?" Dr. Phil asks the women.

"Absolutely not, in my case," Sarah says. "I have been ungrateful. I have been irresponsible, and I have been a spoiled brat, as far as I'm concerned, and I've taken this for granted."

Dr. Phil stresses to the women the gravity of not sticking to the program. "We led you literally to the ocean, and we can't make you drink. It's up to you. You three are not going to make your goals in May," he says to Sarah, Angela and Marilyn, pointing out that Ann Marie may be able to achieve hers. "Every one of you now is on striking distance of getting your weight under control and celebrating your lives. I am willing to continue to support you all throughout the summer and see where you are in September."

He asks the women if he's going to see "less" of them in September, and they say yes.