The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Who Won't Make It?: Danielle

A Lifestyle Change
Danielle talks about losing weight on the Ultimate Weight Solution.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've been overweight," says 19-year-old Danielle, who was tipping the scales at 350 pounds. Since reading Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution, she's lost 170 pounds. Showing off a skirt that she wore to a formal 10 months ago, she says, "Now I have ample room for two or three ... I've lost a person and a half."


Danielle credits her mother, Colette, as being her biggest supporter. Colette is also following Dr. Phil's program, and has lost 90 pounds.

"I made fitness and exercise part of my day," Danielle says. She now does cardio seven days a week and also takes walks with her mother after dinner.

"For the first time in my life, I have muscle definition, bones in my neck and a chin," Danielle says. "The best part of The Ultimate Weight Solution is it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change, something I can maintain for the rest of my life. Dr. Phil, you weren't kidding, The Ultimate Weight Solution is a program that really works. How could I ever repay you?"

Dr. Phil brings Danielle up on stage with him and she twirls around for the audience.

"You look fabulous. That is absolutely amazing," Dr. Phil says. When Danielle tells him that she used to weigh 350 pounds, he asks, "How'd you get that way?"

"I think I used food to control my feelings," Danielle replies. "I would just eat."

"How many diets had you been on before?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Dozens of diets," she answers, listing the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers and the cabbage soup diet as several that she's tried.

"What was the difference for you this time?" Dr. Phil questions.

"It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change," says Danielle.

"What do you think about the results your mom's gotten so far?" Dr. Phil asks.

"My mom's amazing," she replies.

When Dr. Phil asks if Danielle's mother is in her support system, Danielle says tearfully, "I think she is my support system."

Turning to Colette in the audience, Dr. Phil asks if she is

surprised by her daughter's weight loss.

"I'm not surprised at anything Danielle accomplishes," Colette responds. "She's always been a girl who puts her mind to something and does it. And I'm proud of her for everything, not just the weight loss. I'm just proud of her as a person, and as the lady she's grown to be."

Dr. Phil confirms that that's what's important. "You were the same spirit inside at 350 pounds as you are now," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Danielle why Weight Loss Challenger Thomas was such a big inspiration to her.

"Thomas was a single parent, so I look at him and I kind of see my mom a little bit," she says, crying.

Dr. Phil surprises Danielle by bringing Thomas out on stage. He
explains that the Weight Loss Challenge was primarily created so that the 13 Challengers could be teaching tools for America. "What you're telling me is that that's been a good plan and it's worked," he says to Danielle.

"Yes, it really has," she says. "It's a lot easier knowing that there's 13 other people going through the same thing, and you can watch them and track their progress."

When Dr. Phil asks Thomas how it feels to hear Danielle's comment, Thomas says, "I've said from the beginning that this has been such a gift to me, that the one thing I want to give back is to let anybody who watches this, by seeing me and realizing that I did all this, that they can do it, too and how easy it really is. And you've proven it. You're an inspiration to me," he says to Danielle.

"Thank you," she says.