The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Who Won't Make It?: Terri

Did Terri's Luck Run Out?
Dr. Phil motivates Terri to stick with her weight loss goals.
When the Weight Loss Challenge first started, Terri was known as "Lucky #13" because there were only supposed to be 12 Challengers. But she worked hard for months, losing 50 pounds and becoming one of the superstars. Recently
faced with family problems, Terri put her own life on the back burner, and stopped dropping the pounds.

"My life took a drastic turn," she says. "I found out that my mom was in the early stages of Alzheimer's. In January, I found out that my sister collapsed from a brain aneurysm. I got so involved in what was happening that I took myself off of project status. I stopped losing weight completely."

Dr. meets with Terri one-on-one to discuss her recent setbacks.

"We called you here today, along with some others, to tell them they didn't make it, that they came in at the bottom and you were in that group," he tells Terri. "I carved you out of that group because I am unwilling to accept you finishing this Challenge, putting yourself last in your life, the same way you started this Challenge."

Dr. Phil stresses that he doesn't mean to trivialize Terri's recent family problems, but they're also not an excuse to put herself last. "You have to take care of you or you can't give yourself to anybody else," he warns. "Have you lost 50 pounds?
Absolutely. But you and I know you can do better. What do you hear me saying?"

"I hear that it's time for me to put myself back on Project Status," Terri says tearfully.

"You started out with your life on fire," Dr. Phil says. "I want you to cross the finish line like your hair's on fire. You're going to make it, because if you don't, I'm kicking your ass."

Dr. Phil hugs Terri.