Teen Challenge
Jay has gifts for the kids in his Teen Weight Loss Challenge.
Dr. Phil and Jay check back in with Whitney, Jael, Jonathon and Stacy from the Teen Weight Loss Challenge. Whitney is the first called up to show off her 33-pound weight loss.

"You set a May goal, and you exceeded your goal by three pounds.

Right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I did," Whitney answers.

Jay says, "You said at the beginning of this that you love to do things outdoors and have fun and do trips. So we've got you set up

with the coolest outdoor trip of all."

He surprises Whitney with an Outward Bound trip, valued at $2,500. "Outward Bound has 750 trips and courses across the nation," he tells her. "How cool is that?" he asks.

"That's so amazing," she says, crying.

Twelve-year-old Jael was formerly 175 pounds. She flaunts her slimmer figure for Dr. Phil and Jay.

"You look great," Jay tells her. "How much weight have you lost?"

"Thirty-one pounds," she says proudly.

"You said that you wanted to lose weight in time for your bat mitzvah so you can look really cool there," Dr. Phil says, asking

her if she thinks she's achieved that goal.

"Yes," Jael replies.

"You always talk about one of the things you like to do is shopping, and I'm proud of what you've done," Jay tells her. He surprises Jael with a $1000 gift certificate to her favorite store, Rampage, and a $1000 gift certificate to Macy's By Appointment.

When 14-year-old Jonathon started the Teen Weight Loss Challenge, he weighed 151 pounds and was always getting teased in school for being overweight. He now weighs in at 131 pounds.

Jonathon walks on stage next and flexes his muscles for Dr. Phil and Jay.

"You look really good," Jay tells him. "How much weight have you lost?"

"Twenty pounds," Jonathon replies.

Jay congratulates him, saying, "Don't you like to ride bikes?"

When Jonathon says yes, Robert Reames, a trainer with the Weight Loss Challenge, wheels a mountain bike out on stage for him.

"That is the Raleigh M-50 DX Mountain Bike, and we got you a helmet, gloves and everything so you can ride it," Jay explains.

As Jonathon gets excited about his bike, Jay announces, "You can't ride it for the next couple days, because right when we leave the show, you and your family are going to go to Disneyland!" Jonathon will receive three free tickets to Disneyland. He will also get to ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and his family will stay at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel for two nights.

Stacy used to weigh 313 pounds and is now 284 pounds. She is brought up on stage with Dr. Phil and Jay.

"You've also done really well," Jay tells her. As she spins around to show off her weight loss, he says, "How much have you lost?"

"Thirty pounds," she answers.

"That is awesome," Jay says. "Are you excited about going to the prom? We have helped you out. We've got a dress that has been made by the Calito Dress Company in Montreal, Canada." The dress that was custom-made for Stacy is available online at sydneyscloset.com.

Stacy cries as Weight Loss Challenge nutritionist JJ Virgin brings out a dress and drapes a shawl around Stacy's neck.

"Bloomingdale's is going to do your makeup, and Green Light Limousine is giving you a stretch limousine for the entire night," Jay tells Stacy.

"We know that you're heading off to college, so we're giving you a $250 gift certificate to Target just to get your dorm room set up," Dr. Phil adds.

Stacy thanks Dr. Phil and Jay.
Dr. Phil and Jay have one last gift for the Teen Challengers.

"Precor is giving you your choice of either a $4,000 treadmill,

elliptical trainer or bike," Jay tells them as the equipment is brought out on stage. "You get to take whatever one you want home with you."

Dr. Phil announces that Danielle will also receive a Precor for her weight loss efforts. "We are so proud of y'all," he tells the teens. "You really have done a super job." He also thanks JJ and Robert for their work with the teens.