The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge
The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge continues.
"The person that I was before the challenge was sad, alone, and basically had no direction in life," says Barbara, a former model who started comforting herself with food after her two sisters died in a car accident. "I totally locked myself in a prison for 18 years. I wasn't living life. I let food just completely control my life, and that's not living."

Prior to starting the challenge, Barbara had tried more than 20 diets, but none worked. "For the fist time in my life, I've actually lost 45 pounds and felt like I never attempted to diet," she says. "I started at a size 22, and now I'm fitting into a size 16."

For Barbara, healing feelings was essential. It really hit home for her when Dr. Phil asked, "Haven't you grieved enough?"

By dealing with her sisters' deaths, she says, "I freed myself from the prison I was living in." Now, she says, "My self-image has completely changed. Before, I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. Now, at the end of March, I'm entering a bikini contest in South Beach. I think that's pretty remarkable."

She adds, "I'm definitely a happier person ... I'm just living life and enjoying it. It's the greatest feeling in the entire world."

Barbara hopes to help her friend Sandra heal her feelings, so that she can also lose weight.

At 250 pounds, Sandra hopes to lose between 80 and 100. Like Barbara, she comforted herself with food after her father died in an accident. "I'm very motivated by Barb. She's done so well," says Sandra. "I really want to be a part of this challenge because I want to live to be a very healthy old lady."

Dr. Phil asks Sandra, "Do you believe that it's time for you?"


Nutritionist J.J. Virgin will also be on hand to help Barbara and Sandra — especially to show Sandra, an Italian, healthy ways she can prepare pasta.