The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Pt 3: Dr. Phil House, Beach Workout

Total Body Beach Workout

After the grueling first challenge that had the contestants running all over Hollywood, the teams check into the Dr. Phil House. As they peruse the premises, Lauren finds donuts and Toria screams over the Doritos. Will they be able to resist the temptation?

The teams gather in front of a television where they receive a message from Dr. Phil. He welcomes them to the House and warns them that they will need to make different food choices based on his Rapid Start Plan in The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide. He also surprises the teams with their own AT&T Sony Ericsson cell phone, so he can call them whenever he wants, and a Flip Video Mino Camcorder to document their personal experiences along the way. "I want to hear it all: the good, the bad and the challenging," Dr. Phil tells them. 

Before signing off, Dr. Phil informs the teams that they must pick a House leader. After the contestants vote anonymously, Tiffany is chosen and accepts her position.

Head trainer Robert Reames arrives and explains their new personalized meal plans. Based on Dr. Phil Rapid Start Menus, NutriFit has designed personalized meals and snacks for each competitor.

"When they told us there was a food plan, I was actually really happy about it," Lauren says.

"I'm still thinking, damn, I'd like to have a cheeseburger," Phil says.

"I eat crap food. If it's not crap food, we're going to have a problem," Toria says.

The next morning, Robert tells the competitors to prepare for their first workout with their trainers, on the beach in Malibu, CA. "Get ready to do some sweating, and Dr. Phil is going to meet you out there as well," Robert says.

Armed with their morning snack " with the exception of Richard, who already ate his snack " and their lunch, the competitors hop on a bus for the beach. "I haven't had any illusions or anything. This isn't going to be easy. Training in the past for military and football is going to help me simply for the fact that I don't give up," Richard says.

"I'm a little worried about how long they'll make me work out because my stamina and endurance isn't what it used to be," Patrick says.

At the beach, the competitors are each given a Mio heart rate monitor so they can judge their own intensity level while working out. The trainers push their teams to work their hardest and never give up, which brings a few contestants to tears.

"My body moved today, and it felt great," Verne says.

"The whole beach workout was very, very, very difficult for me. I haven't exercised in a long time, like, years," Tiffany says.