The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Pt 3: Joe, Lauren

"Just Not Enough"

Dr. Phil asks all the competitors to think about  and identify the most emotionally painful aspect in their life.

Joe shares that he has a low self-esteem in all areas of his life, not just his weight.

"You don't require enough of yourself and that causes you pain. So why aren't you requiring enough of yourself?" Dr. Phil asks him.

"I feel just, like, sometimes I'm being put down," Joe says.

"By ...?" Dr. Phil prompts.

"A lot of people, like, my mother, my sister," he says.

"What do they do to put you down?"

Joe's voice trembles as he says, "I just always feel like anything I do is just not enough. ‘Don't do this. Why are you doing this? Why are you going to school for this? You should become this.'"

Lauren interrupts and tells her brother, "But when you throw comments out, you can't expect people to ignore it."

Dr. Phil tells Lauren, "It's interesting that at a time when he is opening his heart and trying to give a voice to his feelings, you choose to step up and criticize him. He chooses to find the courage to be vulnerable. He chooses to find the courage to be man enough to give his feelings a voice, and you choose that time to criticize him. Shame on you. That's not helpful."

Dr. Phil turns back to Joe. "How long has it been since somebody's stepped up and said, ‘'Atta boy, Joe. Good job. Hell of a good job'?"

"A good while," Joe says.

Dr. Phil tells Joe that it's no accident that he was selected to be a part of this race.

Later, Lauren says, "That was an eye opener. What really clicked: mean words I say to Joe are very hurtful. I love my brother more than anything in world."