The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Pt 3: Phil, Tiffany

Time Bomb Ticking

Next, Dr. Phil turns his attention to Phil and Tiffany, who both cite their daughters as the main reason for wanting to change their unhealthy lifestyle.

"I wonder what people are going to say to your children if they have to bury you in the next year," Dr. Phil says to them. "Both of you, you're a time bomb ticking.

Phil explains how life became a whirlwind after they got married, and that staying healthy wasn't a priority.

Dr. Phil addresses the bad names they call each other. "Why do y'all put each other down? Why do you say mean things to each other?" he asks. 

"It's a defense mechanism," Tiffany says. She says the meanest name Phil calls her is fat bitch.

Dr. Phil asks her husband, "After you say that, do you ever think, ‘I just looked at the mother of my children and called her a horrible name'?"

"Yes, and I feel terrible about it," he says. Phil explains that when the couple argues, he calls Tiffany names because he knows it will hurt her.

"That's emotional pain, and you are hurting," Dr. Phil says. "When you hurt, you attack, true?"

"True," Phil says.

"She hurts you, she rejects you, she neglects you, and you hurt, so you hurt her," he says. Dr. Phil poses a hypothetical scenario in which Phil witnesses a stranger pinning Tiffany to a wall and calling her the same horrible name.

"It would be bad for him," Phil quips.

"Then why is it OK for you to do it?" Dr. Phil asks. He says Phil and Tiffany sabotage each other and that Phil suffers from low self-esteem because his body-image and self-image are down. This is emotional pain that must be healed.