Breaking a Sweat

"We dropped the challengers on one of the most famous football fields in history: Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys," Dr. Phil says.

The contestants run down the tunnel into the stadium with the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders cheering them on.

"I felt like a rock star running into the stadium today," Annette says. "Who gets to run through the Dallas Cowboys stadium, onto the field? It's surreal."

[AD]Tiffany says, "Running through the tunnel was awesome. It was almost a feeling of empowerment coming down the ramp."

"It was just the most incredible feeling I've ever had," Verne says.

"Coming here to compete at a stadium that has so much history is just unbelievable, that we have an opportunity to do something like that," Patrick says.

Jeff says, "I'm a football fan, my brother's a football fan, so it's pretty surreal just being there, just looking up and seeing the Super Bowl banners. It was just an amazing experience. You can't put it into words."

The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution trainer, Robert Reames, welcomes the challengers and introduces Daryl Johnston, three-time Super Bowl champion.

"Welcome to Texas Stadium," Daryl says. He asks the competitors to use the keys that helped his team when he played football. "We had a commitment to each other as teammates, we were held accountable by each other, and we worked really, really hard. Use the same things that helped us with three Super Bowls, and you'll be able to get to where you want to be with your fitness goals."

[AD]Jay Johnson, the Cowboys cheerleaders' trainer, leads the group through an obstacle course competition.

"I thought the challenge was going to be pretty easy, and then I saw the obstacle course and said, ‘We're in for some heavy duty work today,'" Meleneise says.

"I was like, I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this," Toria says.

Annette is ready to go. "The team to beat is definitely blue. Verne and Patrick are tough competitors," she says.

Dr. Phil reviews Key #6: Intentional Exercise. "For you at home, intentional exercise can be something as simple as climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator, walking in the mall, or even doing 20 minutes of housework three times a week. It's all about gaining momentum and scheduling exercise into your day," he says.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution competitors, however, are up for a grueling challenge. Jay Johnson blows the whistle, and one member from each duo starts the race. They begin by doing chest throws with 25-pound sandbags. They follow that with crawling under a net, running through tires, running to pick up and return pompoms, crossing a balance beam and dragging a tackling dummy before running back with a football and crossing the finish line. 

Joe and Lauren's trainer, Shawnee, says Joe is on fire. "I'm seeing some definition in his arms and his chest, and Joe's endurance level has gone through the roof," she says.

"Meleneise really never worked out before she got here," notes Meleneise and Toria's trainer, Jeremy.

Annette finishes the first leg of the race first, but as their partners take the field, Patrick and Verne pick up the pace and end up the winners of the challenge. They each win a Gamebreakers Pro Power Suit, which is a weighted training suit, and one year of free gasoline from Shell. 

"I might not win a competition, but I win every time I cross a finish line," Toria says.

[AD]Annette feels discouraged. "We're not doing as well as we should be doing, and I think it can get a lot better," she says. 

Annette and Emilie's trainer, Kim, says, "The challenge competitions are absolutely a workout for Annette and Emilie. They are sweating, and I am using every last ounce of that adrenaline."

Richard, who is grieving the loss of his father, reflects on the day. "I think this has all been small miracles that have been happening along the way. It didn't dawn on me until my mom text messaged me last night, telling me, ‘Do you realize your dad was a big-time Cowboys fan?'" Richard struggles with his emotions, wiping tears from his eyes. "So, you know, just another small miracle," he says.

The participants gather for a video conference with Dr. Phil. After asking how everyone is getting along, Dr. Phil reminds them to support their partners. He informs the challengers that they can expect an elimination in 24 hours.

"I definitely think we have a chance of being eliminated," Phil says. "I think anybody who didn't win today has a chance of being eliminated."

"There may be a couple people on edge," Jeff says.

[AD]Toria is nervous. "We didn't have ample enough opportunity to prove that we really want to be here," she says.

Tiffany says, "If we had to vote for a team to be eliminated, I would pick the yellow team. They're completely oblivious to why we're here."

Dr. Phil says, "The challengers worked through The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom and have not only learned the meaning of right thinking, intentional exercise and mastery over impulse eating, but have truly lived it. Like I said, change isn't easy. It's all about being committed to a lifestyle change."