The First Week Weigh-In

Robert Reames leads the individuals through their first blind weigh-in. They each step on a scale, but only the viewers at home know how much weight they've lost so far.

Verne started at 264 pounds. He lost 5 pounds.

Patrick started at 328 pounds. He lost 13 pounds.

Phil started at 287 pounds. He lost 18 pounds.

Tiffany started at 261 pounds. She lost 8 pounds.

Jeff started at 284 pounds. He lost 14 pounds.

Richard started at 451 pounds. He lost 12 pounds.


Lauren started at 189 pounds. She lost 8 pounds.

Joe started at 256 pounds. He lost 11 pounds.

[AD]Meleneise started at 182 pounds. She lost 3 pounds.

Toria started at 243 pounds. She lost 7 pounds.

Annette started at 206 pounds. She lost 9 pounds.

Emilie started at 208 pounds. She lost 9 pounds.

No lifestyle change comes without accountability. You at home can join the movement and track your own weight loss progress!