A Form of Child Abuse
Dr. Phil welcomes Dr. Jim Sears to the show. "You guys deal with this kind of issue on The Doctors every day, right?" he asks.
"As the pediatrician on the show, [I'm] empowering parents to help make changes in their kids' lives," the pediatrician replies.
Dr. Phil and Dr. Jim discuss an Indonesian baby who made headlines when he weighed in at 19 pounds at birth, the largest ever in that country. 
"Does an overweight, large baby at birth predict problems as a toddler and as they grow up?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"Babies need to be fat. The baby fat is good for the brain development. This is a little extreme," Dr. Jim replies, referring to the 19-pound infant. "Too much is not good, and it sets the baby up for early heart disease, early diabetes, early asthma even and early cancers." [AD]

The pediatrician explains why he believes childhood obesity is a form of abuse. "If the parents aren't making the changes in the child's life that need to happen, that child is doomed to an early death, early wheelchairs, early medication problems, early miserable life. That is child abuse, in my opinion."