Trading Places: Heather and Ashley

Trading Places: Heather and Ashley
Do you think the grass is greener somewhere else?
Heather and Ashley, sisters who constantly bicker over whose life is harder, get a chance to trade places for a day. Heather is a stay-at-home mother of four, ages 7, 5, 2 and 1, while Ashley works as an assistant clothing buyer for a department store.

"My sister doesn't think I do anything all day," says Ashley. "She just thinks I play with clothes ... I work from 7:30 in the morning to sometimes 9 to 9:30 at night!"

Heather can't believe it when her sister says, "It must be nice to stay home, you don't have to work." She's also taken aback when her sister — who has no kids — offers her parenting advice. "She has no clue how hard it is to take care of kids," Heather says. "She is in for a big surprise. I can't wait to see Ashley walk a day in my stay-at-home mom shoes."

Ashley tells her sister that her job isn't so easy either: "You're going to see that it is a lot of work and not all glamour."

"My sister's life can't possibly be as hectic as mine," says Heather, as she embarks on her day in the corporate world. She's in for a surprise when she's faced with pressing deadlines, multiple projects, meetings,
terms she can't understand, and a quick lunch at her desk.

"I'm exhausted," she says, halfway through the day. "I need a nap."

At the end of her day, she admits that her sister's job is hard work.

"I realize that Ashley's job is not nearly as glamorous as I thought," she says. "Now I understand why she can't just stop and go to lunch with me."

Excited to come home to her kids, she says, "I have a new appreciation for what Ashley does and a new love for what I do."

As a stay-at-home mom, Ashley has a hard time getting the kids out of bed, getting one to the bus stop while looking after the others,
preparing them breakfast, changing diapers, and getting them dressed. It also happens to be the day that her sister usually changes the linens, so Ashley had plenty of laundry to do as well.

Throughout the day, the kids fight, one of them comes down with what looks like chicken pox, and they need constant looking after to keep them out of the washer and away from the cat food.

And there's no fooling kids, she learns, as one of the kids tells her, "You don't know how to deal with four kids, do you?"

"Being a stay-at-home mom is a hard job," Ashley realizes. "I have no business giving my sister parenting tips ... I can't wait to get back to work."

"It was the best birth control ever," says Ashley about her experience as a stay-at-home mom.

Dr. Phil thinks Ashley's day is so indicative of how difficult it is to raise kids, that all couples should have to watch the video of it!

Both sisters realize that they were quite wrong in how they envisioned the other's life: One doesn't get paid to shop all day long, and the other isn't home all day watching TV.