Online Experiment
As the show starts, Dr. Phil is backstage with Andreas, the IT expert for the Dr. Phil show. They are conducting an experiment to show just how easy it is for someone to pose as someone else online and how quickly someone can be lured in.

Dr. Phil and Andreas explain the experiment.

"Here's the thing," Dr. Phil says. "We don't know who's responding to these ads, but we know what they want, and this isn't just something that happens in theory."

Later in the show, Dr. Phil checks in with Andreas. "What's happening? We put this up just a short time ago when we started the show. Are we getting calls, texts, e-mails?" he asks.

[AD]"Yes, a lot of each. We have 13 e-mails, over 31 phone calls and over 48 text messages," Andreas reports.

"And we're just, what, maybe 20, 30 minutes into the show," Dr. Phil says. Later in the show, he reports, "In the course of the last hour, we have received 16 e-mails, 42 phone calls and 51 text messages in response to the ad that we put out. So if you think that these predators are not out there spring-loaded to victimize young children, to victimize innocent families, they are, and that means we need to protect ourselves."