Troubled Teens: An Intervention: Kimberly, David

Out-of-Control Teens

"The biggest problem we have in our family is our kids are out of control," Kimberly says.

"The problem in my family is discipline," admits Alexis, 16.

"When Kimberly was working, and I was in charge of the kids, it didn't go well," David says.

"When I started working, the girls got into a pattern of doing whatever they wanted, because Dad is very trusting and believes what they say. You can't trust what they say," Kimberly says. "Alaina is my 14-year-old. She's been taking off, going to parties, getting in trouble and just not listening to me." She explains a recent incident. "I called Alaina, and she was slurring her words. When I got home, Alaina was passed out. The next day, she told me she took two Xanax. She said she was bored. Alaina is under house arrest, because she continues to take off, despite what we say, and we can't control her."

Tearfully, Kimberly recounts another scary incident with her youngest. "I think it was the first time she'd ever drank. I got a phone call from her friend's mother, saying that she found Alaina. She was so drunk. I went there to pick her up. She couldn't even sit up. She was passed out. She wouldn't wake up. It just makes me cry because she scared me so much," Kimberly says.

"I don't really care about getting caught," says Alaina, 14.

"My wife believes that the reason the girls are the way they are is because I can't make the punishment stick," David says.

"Alexis is my 16-year-old. Her trouble comes from traffic violations," Kimberly says.

"Speeding, rolling through stop signs, in violation of curfew," David explains.

"My husband will take her car keys away, but Alexis always gets them back within a day or two. When Alexis gets in trouble, I'll cut her phone off, I'll take her computer, but her father always turns her phone back on," Kimberly says.

[AD]"My mom lets my sister get away with a lot more than me," Alaina says.

Alexis says, "My sister, Alaina, gets grounded a lot more. She does more stuff to get grounded though."

"They know how to work me for the things that they want to get done, so I'm a victim of being manipulated by a bunch of little girls," David says.

"I have felt like I've disciplined the girls alone, but lately, I feel like I just don't even try anymore, because the discipline I put in place just gets taken away, and I just feel like giving up," Kimberly says, on the verge of tears.

Dr. Phil warns Kimberly and David that they may feel that he's throwing them under the bus, but they've got to make some changes. "You've got to know that what you're doing is not working, right?"

"Well, I've tried cutting their phones off, taking away things that are important to them and their friends, but it just never sticks," Kimberly says. "He turns their phone back on in two days, or I'll take their car keys and hide them, and he'll let them drive his car."

Dr. Phil explains why he's not surprised at their daughters' antics.


Dr. Phil brings up the incident when Alaina was discovered so drunk she couldn't stand.

"It was horrible, horrible," Kimberly says. "She had puke all in her hair. She couldn't even sit up. She couldn't speak. It was awful."

Dr. Phil points out that Alexis is still on the fence about coming on the show. "I would think she'd want to participate in a discussion about her future, but if she doesn't want to, I could care less." He goes over some of Alexis' history: chasing her mother with a bat, dumping a milkshake on her head and dousing her cell phone with water.


[AD]Sometimes, Kimberly sleeps in her car to avoid the chaos in her own home. "So, you're overwhelmed," Dr. Phil says.

"Yes. I'm very overwhelmed. I don't know what to do," Kimberly says.