Breaking the Rules

A staff member at the Turn-About Ranch explains, "We have an orientation with all of the parents, and then we go over the mid-term rules."

Kimberly complains. "The camp has some really strict rules, like girls can't shave, you have to wear your hair in a ponytail at all times, a lot of things where you're like ‘What difference does that make?' I wanted to spoil them, so I brought them some stuff to do their nails, and some hair dye, and a waxing kit, and hair straighteners, and their clothes and things like that," she says. 

[AD]"We don't have communication with cell phones, and they brought out cell phones for the girls to use," the staff member explains. "We can't tolerate this type of breaking rules."

"I allowed them to text their friends, get on their Facebook," Kimberly admits. "I was being just a little bit rebellious because the counselor told Alexis that she'd be able to see her sister on her birthday, and he didn't allow that to happen, and I was very angry about that."

After the video ends, Dr. Phil is visibly frustrated. "Are you kidding me?" he asks Kimberly and David.

"I know. I'm sorry. I realized that was wrong when I left. I did," Kimberly says.


Dr. Phil introduces Patty Evans from the Aspen Education Group. She helped get the girls to the Turn-About Ranch. He looks to her in exasperation, then back to the parents. "Honest to God, I don't ask myself why these girls' lives are off in the ditch, I ask myself why not?" Dr. Phil points out that David even let Alexis drive on their way to the ranch " and she went 85 miles an hour. "You're breaking the law, she's driving a car, you show up late " I mean, we turned the world on its ear and made this happen for you, you don't show up on time, then when you go up there for a visitation, you signed a contract agreeing to the rules!"


Dr. Phil explains how they sabotaged their girls' progress.


Dr. Phil points out that Alaina refused to break the rules when her mother showed up, which means that she knows that she's worked hard, and she didn't want her mother to sabotage her. "She's 15. She gets it, and you don't," he tells Kimberly.

Kimberly explains she felt guilty because she missed the girls' birthdays.

[AD]"Here's a news flash: This ain't about you!" Dr. Phil exclaims. "It's not about your feelings … It's about giving these girls a second chance."

"I realized that after I left. I did. I wrote them, and I said, I'm sorry," Kimberly says.

Dr. Phil points out that when Kimberly and David were running the show, the girls were on the brink of disaster. So, it's time to do something different.

See the remarkable progress Alaina has made!


"She's an entirely different child," David says. "She's incredible."

"I think it's awesome," Kimberly says. "She's matured so much. She's just so positive now, and happy, and she's taking responsibility now for her actions and not blaming others."

Kimberly says she didn't think Alaina would agree to do the follow-up interview because she didn't have makeup on. Dr. Phil points out that Alexis, who add have access to hair dye and makeup, didn't want to do a follow-up interview.

"She's doing much better since mid-term, than she was before we got there," Kimberly says.

[AD]"In spite of your sabotage," Dr. Phil adds. He tells her he knows she's not intentionally trying to hurt her daughters; she just doesn't get it yet. He reads a quote by Alaina: "‘Being on a horse is like being a parent. You have to be in control.' Boy, out of the mouths of babes. ‘But you kind of have to work together. And if you don't steer him right and control him, then it's dangerous. It's kind of like your parents. They have to steer you in the right way, so you stay on the trail.'"