Are They Ready?

In a previous interview, Kimberly blames David for a lot of the problems. "David just avoids. He's just a conflict avoider. He didn't like them being sent off anywhere. He thought he could do it at home and just put in to place the commando parenting, but when we got home, David didn't really do anything," she says. "David will act like he's on the same page with you and be like, ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes,' but then nothing happens. I just worry about him sticking to it because in the past, he hasn't. I'm hoping that now he sees things differently. He can't worry about them being mad at him. I don't know if he'll be different. I don't know if he'll be strong enough. I mean, I hope he will. It's basically up to David if things are going to be different when they get home, because if not, Alexis will just run all over again. I hope David can stick to his guns. I know I can. I'm just worried about him."

Dr. Phil is doubtful of Kimberly's statement that she can be strong. He points out that she kept the producers from interviewing Alexis in the follow-up visit.

"She didn't want to come on here," Kimberly argues.

[AD]"That's not up to you. You wouldn't let us talk to her," Dr. Phil says.

"Because she didn't want to be on TV when she was out there," she says. "I didn't want to make her go on national TV."

Dr. Phil explains that Alexis wants to come home. "Are you going to go get her?"

"No," Kimberly says. "Because I want her to have that heart change from within, like Alaina does, and she's just not there yet."

Dr. Phil says there are two questions he's asking: Are the girls ready to come home? And is home ready for the girls? "I don't think either one of these girls are ready to come home, but I think they're both moving in the right direction," he says. "I think they've made changes, I think they've overcome a bad history, I think they are obviously very bright, intelligent girls. And I think you two don't have a clue. I don't want to mess this up. If they came home now, it would be all for naught."

David says they've worked with some counselors about setting boundaries and having consequences in their home, but he fears they don't have the controlled environment that the ranch has.


Dr. Phil points out that even Alaina is worried about coming home. He plays part of her interview:

"I don't think I'm ready to go home just yet, because I need to realize how I'm going to face certain situations," she says. "I'm going to have to change everything. I'm going to set boundaries with the people I'm around. In order to be successful with my parents when I go home, I need to communicate with them better, and I need them to be more strict with us and have consequences for our actions."

Dr. Phil says David and Kimberly are both loving parents, but they are enablers. He says if the girls came home now, they'd just go back to their previous bad behavior. The parents have more work to do.

[AD]Dr. Phil turns to Patty. The Aspen Education Group is willing to extend their involvement with the girls. Patty recommends The Academy at Swift River for Alaina. It's a therapeutic boarding school in Massachusetts. "It is rich academically. It has a lot of experiential opportunities, and it has very intense family systems work. You have to be involved, so it gives you longer time in preparing for Alaina coming home," she tells them.

For Alexis, Patty recommends Copper Canyon Academy in Arizona. "It too is a long-term, therapeutic boarding school, strong academics, strong social, therapeutic kind of work. But very strong family work," she says. 

Dr. Phil explains that both of these places are college preparatory schools in beautiful settings with wonderful opportunities. He tells David and Kimberly to discuss the offer and consider it. "What I want is 10 years from now, for both of your beautiful daughters to be contributing members of society," he says. "I want them to be happy, and healthy and have wonderful relationships with y'all. If they come home now, you don't have the spine to resist the temptation to give in to those girls."

When asked for their opinion, David says it's difficult to admit that they couldn't take care of the structure at home, but he knows he's a softy when it comes to his girls.

[AD]Kimberly says, "I think it's great, because I'm really worried about when they come home," she says.

Dr. Phil tells them to learn all they can about the two schools and make an informed decision.