Inspirational Teen
Two years after the show began, Dr. Phil follows up with guests.After reading The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens, 13-year-old Alex followed the keys and lost 30 pounds. He was asked to come on the show as an inspiration for other teens.

Since his appearance, Alex reached his goal weight. "It feels awesome losing 60 pounds in five months, and it's all because of Dr. Phil," says Alex, who was very proud of how he looked in a tuxedo at his sister's wedding.

Alex has noticed that girls are paying attention to him now. "I'm more confident in myself than I used to be around girls," he says. He's also become a local celebrity in his hometown, where he was interviewed by the news!

Alex's parents love the change in their son. "Now that he has lost the weight, he feels so much better about himself. Not only inside, but he knows he looks better outside," says his mom, Kelly.

Alex's father, Jeff, is inspired by his son. "Seeing the change in our son has changed us. I couldn't be prouder of Alex and his dedication," he says.

"Thanks, Dr. Phil," says Alex. "I'm slimmer, happier, and I can get chicks now!"

Dr. Phil congratulates Alex in person, and then surprises him with a phone call from Hilary Duff.

Hilary congratulates Alex on his success, and reveals that she'll be seeing him in a couple of weeks at her concert, where he'll get a backstage pass!

"Thank you, I love you so much!" Alex tells Hilary.

Dr. Phil presents Alex with the backstage pass to her upcoming concert, the soundtrack from Hilary's movie, Cinderella Story, her self-titled CD, and her concert video, All Access Pass. "We wanted to do something fun with you because you have really worked hard and you have inspired kids all over the country," Dr. Phil tells him.