"Naked Bandit"
Dr. Phil follows up with the parents of a child who refused to keep his clothes on!
Over the last two years, some of the most popular shows were about parenting. Jamie and Spencer came on the show because their son Kycsar's favorite outfit was his "birthday suit." And since he wasn't potty trained, it made for a messy combination!

Jamie, who called her son the "naked bandit," says Dr. Phil's advice worked like a charm. By consistently re-dressing Kycsar immediately, he learned the right message. "Since being on the show, Kycsar has 100 percent stopped taking his clothes off and stopped going potty on the floor," she says.

Spencer also took the advice to heart. "Dr. Phil definitely taught me a lesson about laughing when Kycsar was doing things that he shouldn't have been," he says. "Of course, they're still amusing to me. I just laugh at a later time when he can't see me do it."

"Since being on the show, it's just so much more peaceful around the house," says Jamie, who now implements discipline with 100 percent consistency. "Thanks to Dr. Phil, we no longer have our little naked bandit anymore."