Hoop Dreams
Two years after the show began, Dr. Phil follows up with guests.

Adrienne brought her 9-year-old son Justin to see Dr. Phil because his big dreams of being a basketball star were interfering with his schoolwork. Dr. Phil told Adrienne that Justin needs to understand that basketball is a privilege, and he needs to earn the right to play by getting his homework done. "If he doesn't, my advice, is no basketball. I would find every basketball around and take the air out of it," Dr. Phil advised.

Since the show, Justin has since made a complete turnaround! He started working hard in school and pulled his Fs up to Bs in only six weeks.

"I'm very proud of my baby," says Adrienne, who's confident that Justin will be making straight As in just a matter of time.

"Dr. Phil helped me realize that if I want to play basketball, I have to do schoolwork," says Justin. "Thanks, Dr. Phil. You're the man!"