Two Years of Dr. Phil: A Look Back: Nina

Project Single Girl
Two years after the show began, Dr. Phil follows up with guests.

Two years ago, Dr. Phil started "Project Single Girls." The first time she appeared on the show, Nina wanted to know why she was driving her boyfriends away. She came back a year later when she met the man of her dreams, but wanted to know how soon she could bring up the marriage question.

Now, Nina returns to tell Dr. Phil her big news: "I'm getting married!" she exclaims.

Nina took Dr. Phil's advice to heart. "Dr. Phil told me that I needed to slow down, that I was too impatient, that relationships have rhythm and I just needed to kind of go with it for a while. I decided that I wasn't going to push marriage," says Nina. "I think once I backed off, it really allowed the relationship to grow on its own."

Nina's fiancé, Chad, proposed to her on Valentine's Day. "We're going to be married in April. I'm so happy and I'm so looking forward to it," says Nina.

Dr. Phil congratulates the couple and asks them how they're doing.

"I'm excited," says Nina. "A little overwhelmed, but excited."

"How about you Chad?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yeah. Excited. She's handling all the plans and stuff. I'm just signing off on things," he says.

Dr. Phil moves closer to Chad. "OK, let me work with you here a little bit," he jokes. "Let me ask this again: Are you excited about this, Chad?"
"I'm very excited!" Chad responds enthusiastically.

"There we go," laughs Dr. Phil, who has a surprise for the happy couple. "We heard that you two really want to honeymoon in the Caribbean, so we made a call to Carnival Cruiselines, and they're going to set you guys up with a five-day cruise through the Caribbean. You're going to be staying in a penthouse suite, and we just wanted to give you that as a wedding present."

"Wow! Thank you so much," says Nina, amazed. "Oh my God," she says to Chad, and the delighted couple kiss.