"Reformed Control Freak"
Dr. Phil follows up with controlling guest, Rochelle.
Dr. Phil checks in with Rochelle, who came to the show two years ago for help with her controlling behavior. She used to control her husband to the extreme " right down to how many sodas he was allowed to drink and how he folded his pants.

A self-proclaimed "reformed control freak," Rochelle updates Dr. Phil in a video postcard: "I changed careers. I don't control John anymore. Instead, I control 105 rental properties," says Rochelle, who now has her real estate license.

"Remember when I told you I hated dogs because they bark and drive me crazy? Well, I have a new addition to my family " his name is Killer," she says, feeding a treat to her dog.

Rochelle's husband, John, also has something to say to Dr. Phil: "Thank you, Dr. Phil. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"