Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge

Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge
Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.
Dr. Phil has enlisted Thomas and Monika, from the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, to help the families create a no-fail environment. Thomas makes a surprise visit to the Pennington house. "We brought lots of good, healthy, nutritious food," he explains. "We're going to rock their world."

As Thomas helps them make piles of the good and bad foods, he tells them, "We're going to get rid of your unhealthy choices." After the cleaning of the pantry is complete, he helps the family make Enchilladas with Bar-B-Q Greens, from Dr. Phil's cookbook.

Monika arrives at the Hall house. "I'm here to help them get rid of all their junk food," she says. "Dr. Phil says, 'If it's not there, you can't eat it.'"

During the pantry cleaning process, Monika has everyone in the family pick out their favorite food to throw away. "You're not going on a diet, you're changing your lifestyle," she tells them. She helps them make her favorite recipe, No-Fry Chicken-Fried Steak.
"What do you think the hardest thing is that they're going to have to do?" Dr. Phil asks Monika about the Halls.
"I think that they're sugar and carbohydrate addicts just like I was," she replies.
"What was the most important key for you last year?" he asks.
"Healing feelings, no question. And right thinking, because I never realized that there was so much emotional baggage from my childhood that affected every decision in my adult life," she tells him. "I really identify with Kim and I think we're a good fit because we can really work through this together."
Dr. Phil asks Thomas about the Penningtons.
"They're enthusiastic and optimistic about all this," he says. "I think their biggest problem is they have some bad habits, some Key 4 things, mastery over food. They tend to want to eat alone in their rooms, bad hours. They don't plan a meal."
Dr. Phil asks Thomas what drove him to succeed.
"Right thinking," he says. "Once I realized that I was worth taking care of and worth focusing on, that I wanted to be the best person I could be to me, that made the difference," Thomas explains.Dr. Phil introduces nutritionist, JJ Virgin, and trainer, Robert Reames, who will be working with the families. "JJ, one of the things that I think is so important for both of these families, that I'd like to see us focus on, is developing a palette for the hunger suppressor foods and getting some of the hidden things out of their current diet that is really sabotaging them," Dr. Phil says.
"What do you think is the most important thing for them to be thinking about?"
JJ agrees with Monika that the families are addicted to eating hunger driving, very addictive foods. "These things that you eat, your cravings you have, are just going to go straight away by just changing the food choices," she explains.
Dr. Phil clarifies that there are some foods that are natural hunger suppressors. "You eat those and you can't eat as much because you're not as hungry as soon," he explains. He asks Robert what is most important for them concerning exercise.
"Finding a program that's right," Robert says. "Because they are all different people, they will have different exercise needs. Finding the program that's right for you and you have to enjoy it. Find things that you like to do, that's a big part of it because then you'll look forward to it."
Dr. Phil says that Gold's Gym has agreed to give both families a free membership for one year, and provide them with two personal trainers.