Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge - Halls

Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge - Halls
Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.
"I feel fat, lazy, pathetic, hopeless," says Kim, who weighs 215 pounds and is 5'4". "I can't even imagine myself being thin." Kim likes to eat snacks including cookies and popcorn, and anything else, and she is often tempted by the vending machines at work. She rarely plans out the meals for the family or exercises. "It is definitely hard to make time to exercise," she says. "I do blame myself for the way my girls struggle with their weight."

"I eat a lot of fast food. I'm my own worst enemy," admits 253 pound, 6'0" Larry, Kim's husband of 23 years. He often eats TV dinners for lunch and has many snacks during the day, and he doesn't exercise. "The only exercise I usually get is running my mouth and jumping to conclusions," he jokes. "There are 11 flights of stairs between the ground floor and my office. There are also four express elevators. Every day the elevator wins."
"I'm pretty self-conscious about my weight," says Grace, Kim and Larry's 16-year-old daughter. She currently weighs 190 pounds and is 5'7". "It's a wake-up call." She doesn't allow time to eat breakfast and often grabs whatever is available for her after-school snack. Grace also notices that her weight is affecting her social life. "I've never dated. All my other friends have boyfriends," she explains.
Grace's older sister, 5'4" Dayle, admits, "I will eat as much as I get the opportunity to." She is surprised that she weighs 153 pounds, but acknowledges that she eats whatever is around. "Grace and I grab tortillas and cheese because we have that in abundance."Dr. Phil points out that the Halls have been on every diet, and even had a band put on their stomach so they would eat less, and nothing has worked for them.
"What's wrong with your thinking? What do you say to yourself that's not helpful?" he asks Kim.
"I'm a failure," she says. "I can't do it, which is why we got the [stomach] band."
Dr. Phil points out the labels that Kim has put on herself. "'Stupid, lazy, fat, pathetic, addict,'" he says. "If you're talking to yourself that way, what do you expect your result to be?"
"Exactly that," she says.
"If I was going to make 1,000 labels to put on you, 'stupid' and 'lazy' just wouldn't even make the list," Dr. Phil tells Kim. "Why would you talk to yourself that way?"
"I don't know," she says.
"You're not that way at all," Dr. Phil tells her.
"Can you think of a more inaccurate thing she could say to herself than 'stupid?' This is a very bright woman," Dr. Phil says to Larry.
"She really is," he agrees.
Dr. Phil addresses Grace and Dayle in the audience. "Do you think your mother is stupid?"
Both say no, and Dr. Phil asks them if they think their mother is lazy or undeserved, and again they say no. He addresses Kim, "You tell yourself that. Tell me why."
"I have lower expectations of myself. I work extra hard to fulfill everybody else's expectations," she says.
"You come last on the list, don't you?" Dr. Phil continues.
"I do," Kim agrees.
"Do you think you really value yourself?"
"Not like I should."
Dr. Phil notes that Kim was molested as a child and asks her, "What do you say to yourself after that as you grow up?"
"I'm not worth anything," she says. "It's hard to, after something like that, to believe that I deserve anything."
"And so you lived to the label," Dr. Phil points out.

"Unfortunately," Kim says.
Dr. Phil reiterates what he told the Penningtons. "We generate the results in life that we secretly believe what we deserve," he explains. If you don't believe in yourself on the inside, then you will generate the negative results on the outside. "If you don't change the belief, you won't change the result. That's why this isn't about just dieting, it's not about just exercising, it's not about just cleaning up your environment, it's about all of these things together."

He explains that he wants the families to heal from the inside out. "Having taken control and living with dignity, and respect, and energy and positiveness. Where all of you are just proud of yourself and claim what you've got coming in this world," he says.These are the weight loss goals the Halls have set for February.