Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge

Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge
Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.
The Halls and the Penningtons participated in a fitness competition led by Robert Reames and JJ Virgin. It required them to work many muscles that they hadn't used in a while.
The first event was the family medley relay. It consisted of a power walk, tight rope walk, dribbling a basketball with a baton in one hand, and a full sprint. The families meet to discuss their strategy. The Halls win.
The next event is the family obstacle course. They must jump rope 25 times, shoot basketballs into the hoop, throw a football into a square on the wall, and run through a zigzag cone course. The Penningtons win this one.
The third event is a one-minute push-up test, and event number four is a one-minute chair squat test.

The fifth and final event is a one mile walk.
See the exercises they did during the competition.
And the winners are the Halls! They each win an Apple iPOD and one brand new Apple Mac G5 tower computer with a 23-inch flat panel display.

"I'm sure there's a little program in here that you can track your weight loss as you're going down," Dr. Phil jokes with them.