Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #2: AnnMarie

Barbara talks about her painful past.
AnnMarie has put on more than 150 pounds since she was raped twice. Her excess pounds, she explains, make her feel protected from other men.

Referring to a previous interview with AnnMarie, Dr. Phil reads her words: "I believe if I get below 190 pounds, I will be raped again."

Then he says, "As long as you have that feeling, you're not ever going to cross that barrier... What are you going to do to get past this?"

AnnMarie is angry at herself for never confronting either of the men who violated her. "I kept quiet after both incidents, and I hate myself for not standing up and saying something, and allowing my voice to be heard," she says.

Dr. Phil explains that AnnMarie needs emotional closure. She needs to get to a place where she doesn't have to wake up every day feeling anger and pain.

"You will never get past this if you don't identify exactly what it is that you are so upset about and then figure out what you have to do to get closure on it," Dr. Phil tells her. Whether it's bringing the men to justice or simply writing them a letter to finally express her feelings to them, AnnMarie needs to find the Minimal Effective Response -- the least she can do to get emotional closure.

"You've got to stop the need, so you can stop the feed," Dr. Phil tells her, "and if you don't do that, you'll continue in this vicious cycle."