Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Right Thinking, Key #1: AnnMarie

Take a look at AnnMarie's internal dialogue.
"The labels that I've internalized that I feel describe myself are fat, lazy, disgusting," AnnMarie says. "When I look in the mirror, I think, 'You are so fat.' I can't stop thinking that I'm such a loser, that I can't do something for myself and take this weight off."

Asked why the first key " right thinking " makes so much sense to her, AnnMarie answers, "Because my whole life I've tried to diet, I've tried to lose weight, I've tried to change the way I look, and it never, ever worked. Not only because diets don't work, but also because I've been telling myself, 'You're going to fail, eat anyway. Don't deny what you want, just eat it!'"

Dr. Phil tells AnnMarie, "This is just one of the seven keys that you've got to change to lose weight," explaining that you can't think yourself thin, but without right thinking, you can't get there.

Dr. phil highlights some of AnnMarie's negative internal dialogue:

  • I'm not strong enough to do something important.
  • I'm fat, lazy, disgusting and clumsy.
  • I have no self-control.
  • I cannot lose weight.
  • I will be fat forever.

    "If that's your personal truth, what you truly believe about yourself when nobody else is looking, what does that predict for you?" Dr. Phil asks.

    "It predicts failure," AnnMarie responds.

    "Because you do believe yourself, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

    "Yeah," she says.

    "You got a bad head and that leads to bad choices," Dr. Phil says.

The negative thoughts inside AnnMarie's head are even more influential than what anyone else could say about her. "You don't leave, you're with yourself all the time," Dr. Phil says. "How powerful has this been in your life?"

"It has guided me to continually gain weight, to continually think that I'm never going to do anything besides gain weight and be lazy," AnnMarie says. "Now I understand that if that's what I'm teling myself constantly, nothing that I could have done " aside from changing that thinking " could help me lose weight."

"Do you also understand that for every thought that you have there is a physiological corollary?" Dr. Phil asks. "People who think wonderful, peaceful, exciting thoughts have a different chemistry than people who think depressive, negative, self-defeating thoughts."

Dr. Phil continues: "Just reading your internal dialogue makes you slump over, you get tired, you get stressed, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you get that?"


"Yes," AnnMarie responds. "My thinking is so detrimental to my success in every way."

Asked how she began to change the way she thinks, AnnMarie explains,
"I started looking at what [my thoughts] were and saying 'OK, that's not true, I'm not really a loser, there are positive things about me.' Changing that gave me that good feeling and that's why I stuck with it."

She smiles with self-approval.

"You can't change what you don't acknowledge," Dr. Phil concludes.