Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Right Thinking, Key #1: Fred

Dr. Phil tells Fred what he needs to hear.
Fred's homework assignment of monitoring his internal dialogue read more like a book report than a written exercise of self-awareness or introspection.

"I got nothing from you about what your internal dialogue is," Dr. Phil says, pointing out that Fred has been cheering everybody else on so that nobody can focus on him. "Do you think that you can do what you want to do if you don't get real about what's going on in your thinking, and in your dialogue?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Definitely not," Fred answers.

"Do you know what the bottom line is?" Dr. Phil asks. "You're either going to get real about fat, or you're going to get real fat. It's just that simple. You're settling too cheap. You're too sharp, you're too intelligent, you've got too much going for you to be settling, compromising your health and your weight. You've got to get real about that."