Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Right Thinking, Key #1: Judith

Judith realizes how irrational her thinking about losing weight was.
"When I lose weight, I credit the diet," says Judith. "I've never been able to lose weight on my own."

After every diet she went on, she says, "I would gain the weight back, simply because the diet doesn't show me how to eat once I'm off that program. Going from diet after diet has told me that I couldn't do it on my own."

Dr. Phil points to his "Weight Locus of Control" quiz, which gauges where you attribute the cause for what happens in your life. Judith, for example, was blaming the diets, her genes, and other external causes for her excess weight. "You just want some diet pills and a menu?" Dr. Phil asks.

"That's the way I was thinking," Judith answers, now realizing how irrational that is.

On her way home from the mansion, Judith stopped at the market to buy herself healthy foods. She was standing at the produce section when she spotted her favorite food across the aisle: Doritos.

"I was really going through withdrawal," she says, "so what I did was, I walked over to the bag of guacamole Doritos, and I held it!"

"Lovingly?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yeah, I just held the bag," she says. "It was bad, but I didn't [buy it]."

Dr. Phil clarifies that it's not better to be either too external or internal in your thinking, but that being aware is essential.

In changing her perception that only external causes are at play in her weight loss efforts, Dr. Phil asks Judith, "What has that freed you up to do? What difference has that made for you?"

"I'm losing weight on my own," she says. "I thought I couldn't do that."